Kid Friendly Action Film Secret Headquarters is Fun for the Whole Family

Secret Headquarters Review
L-R: Walker Scobell as Charlie, Keith L. Williams as Berger, Momona Tamada as Maya, and Abby James Witherspoon as Lizzie in Secret Headquarters from Paramount Pictures.

While superheroes and action films are dominating at the box office, not all of them are good for younger viewers. The reality is, that most of these films are made for adults and while kids watch them – the topics or all of the movie isn’t good for all age groups. But making a superhero and action film that is geared towards kids, that their parents will watch too isn’t something easily done. We’re not talking about a cheesy action film geared just for kids, but one that actually has a decent story that is kid-friendly, but adult viewers will watch too.

Releasing on Paramount+ today, Secret Headquarters may just be that movie. After being obsessed with the Guardian, a superhero that shows up when the world needs it, Charlie and his friends not only stumble on his headquarters – it’s in his dad’s basement. But at the same time, they find the Guardian’s headquarters, and so do a group of bad guys who want the power for themselves. Tossed in the middle of a fight for infinite power, Charlie and his friends have to work together to save the power source and their own lives.

The movie has some cheesy moments, as would be expected. Including the bad guys using almost childish language when talking to the kids. While this keeps the movie to the rating they wanted, it does take some of the believability out of the story.

Secret Headquarters leans into the kid-friendly action film with the superhero not being the main focus, but the story of the teens and kids in the film. Not only do they take the lead in the fight scenes, but they are not discounted just because they are kids. Each teen in the cast brings something else to the table skill-wise, and personalities are on full display, making them relatable to younger viewers. The movie is fun, has cute moments, and truly makes the kids the focus of the film.

Secret Headquarters is now available on Paramount+ and is rated PG for some fighting scenes.

Overall Rating

Four Star Review

About Secret Headquarters:

While hanging out after school, Charlie and his friends discover the headquarters of the world’s most powerful superhero hidden beneath his home. When villains attack, they must team up to defend the headquarters and save the world.


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