Max Polyakov’s Astonishing Profession Change: from Cycling Sport to Photography

Photographer Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov, a cycling sportsman, had various thoughts about his occupation after retirement.

There were a lot of options like camping or mountain biking but he chose the art of photography. It was unexpected and risky but this man was not afraid of challenges.

Early Love to Photography

Ever since his father who was a photographer bought him his first camera, Max Polyakov loved taking photos. However, he was also fond of cycling and eventually the sport became a priority for an adventurous young man.

Max Polyakov’s First City Grand Tour

When Max was sixteen, he participated in his first grand tour in his native city Chicago. To finish the tour, the sportsmen had to ride 18,5 miles for three hours. Max was afraid of getting tired before the finish. Although Max was exhausted, he managed to finish the tour. He enjoyed this experienced and strove for the new challenges.

Max loves to play guitar 

His passion for guitars came from childhood. He particularly likes Fender Precision Bass reviewed at

Max Polyakov Participates in European Tour

By the age of 18, Max Polyakov took part in 10 local tours and 5 intercity tours. It was time to go for something bigger and he went for the famous European competition called Tour de France. Each cyclist had to pick one leg of the trail. Max Polyakov was responsible for the low mountain category. Despite his intense preparation, he did not win any prizes but still enjoyed the tour.

The Passion for Photography Arises Again

After the competition, Max decided to explore France and its sights. While he was admiring Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, his love for photography came back. He started to take photos in all the places he visited in Paris and other cities. Max changed his equipment and set the new camera on the bike. The photos he took while cycling was extraordinary and impressed people.

Max Polyakov Opens Noosphere Studio

After retirement, Max decided to become a professional photographer and joined the courses. Max started to photograph people and got some regular clients. The first successful steps inspired Max to open his own studio that he named Noosphere

Noosphere’s Striking Exhibition

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere studio quickly got the attention and Max’s popularity started to grow. An agent named Susan contacted Max and offered to sell his photos. Max Polyakov was sceptical. However, Susan convinced him and sold one of his early photos for 10000 dollars. After she sold a few more photos, Susan offered Max to have an exhibition in Noosphere. People came to Noosphere studio to buy Max’s photos and listen to his story.

A Life Full of Love

Max Polyakov and Susan got married. They continued to develop Noosphere brand together and live the life full of love to photography and each other.

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