Review Policy

Reviewing items can be a lot of fun but it doesn’t pay the bills. We’re more than happy to work with you on review features but please check with us on our our current rates. We understand your budget may be small, but please consider the time it takes for us to do photography, editing, writing and actually using the product. We do not return review items, because let’s be frank – it has to have some benefit to us. Writing an article and returning the item has all the benefit for the company not us. If you’d like to work with us, reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together.

Due to the amount of review requests we cannot accommodate them all. But if your product is a good fit we will be in touch! Unsolicited items will not be returned and may not be reviewed – so please be sure to reach out and let’s talk before hand!

A good part of blogging is doing product reviews. These reviews can be done with or without a fan giveaway (find out more about giveaways here). While I recommend doing a giveaway in conjunction with your product review to increase the exposure of your company and product. If you are considering having Week99er do a product review for you please consider the following points:

  • After Week99er has reviewed your product(s), the review will be posted on the blog. The review will contain links back to your main page, where to purchase the product as well as any specific product links required. It will be advertised by post on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and featured in the e-mail blasts.
  • An actual product will be needed in a full size in order to thoroughly review it and will become the property of Week99er.
  • Items will not be returned. Pamphlets with item descriptions will not be considered for product reviews.
  • Items should have a minimum value for $75, if items do not meet this value, we request more than 1 item is shipped. Additional items may be offered as a reader giveaway.
  • Products provided for review must be provided by the business and shipped to Week99er at the product supplier’s cost.
  • The review will be posted 4 to 6 weeks after the item is received; however, special requests for certain post dates will be accommodated if possible. Please respect publishing deadlines when requesting specific dates for review posts.
  • After the review is posted, a link to the review will be provided.
  • Discounts and/or sales you would like to provide in conjunction with a review are free. Any further sales or discount codes will be posted at a nominal charge.
  • Discount codes provided in conjunction with product reviews are requested to be vanity codes, i.e WEEK99ER10 will be 10% off!
  • All products reviewed must be family-friendly.
  • Week99er reserves the right to not post a review if the terms described above have not been met or if the project does not meet the promised standards.

If you would like Week99er to review your product, please email us! We have a growing Review and Writing team and can cover a large variety of product, events, age groups and demographics.

Curious what type of sponsorship opportunities we have or interested in holiday features? Let’s talk! We can provide a full Marketing and Sponsorship Deck upon request as well.

All items for product review should be sent to the address below. If you choose to send an item without contacting me first, we reserve the right to not review the item.

18530 Mack Ave #460
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236