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Week 99er is a lifestyle blog that focuses on gluten free living, product reviews, event coverage, travel, and entertainment and the site is updated daily! The website was started in 2011, when Becky reached week 99 of her unemployment benefits. The site has grown to include regular contributors and family friendly content. With a variety of topics covered, there are a variety of ways we can partner to help promote your brand.

About Becky

Week99er HeadshotBecky is the Editor and main writer at, the writer for A Girl’s Guide to Cars, and contributes regularly to Detroit Mommies. She also organizes local events with, and is launching with her boyfriend.

An interior designer by education, her passion for design can be seen not only on her websites but at the local design college where she teaches. She brings a modern sense of design to marketing to her career and helps students navigate social media for their future design careers.

She started Week99er seven years ago, and it has grown into a lifestyle website that covers gluten free living, product reviews, event coverage, travel, and entertainment. Blending modern marketing through social media, design and honesty, Week99er has a devoted readership and following both on the website as well as social media. With well over 50,000 followers across the social media accounts, Week99er is growing quickly and would love to work with you!

Born and raised in Michigan, Becky has always had a love of traveling and sense of adventure. She’s willing to try new things or grab her passport and hop a plane at a moment’s notice. From deep woods camping, cruising the open seas, or heading to the theater, Week99er is happy to cover any adventure. The motto in the house is “Have Passport – Will Travel”

While Week99er started as a one woman show, the site has started to grow quickly and now includes a small writing team to help cover local and events nationwide. The blog is PR friendly, and hot button issues are kept off of the blog, to make sure it is is a friendly place for everyone visiting.

If you’re interested in Partnering with Week99er? Email and Request our Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities Information Packet.

Check out the detailed Review and Writing Team page to learn more about Week99er and how we partner with brands! Please review our Review Policy and Giveaway Policy before submitting an item. Thank you!

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Ways We Can Work Together

We love working with brands and services to help spread the word. We offer a variety of different services including advertising, consulting, speaking engagements and networking opportunities. We’re always growing and love to add to our team and our knowledge base as we do. Please read through the different options we offer to see what you think is the best fit for you while working with Week99er – if it’s more than one type, don’t worry we can work together on more than one type of partnership!

Website Advertising –

Week99er offers sponsored post, online campaign, and limited sidebar advertising options. All of these services have a different fee structure and we’re happy to discuss them with out.

Looking to partner more long term? We love working with companies for Brand Ambassadorships/Sponsorships!

Sponsored Content –

We get it – finding the right site to have your products featured on isn’t easy. At Week99er, we pride ourselves in keeping a family friendly site with content our readers can relate to no matter what stage their family is currently at. We love featuring family friendly products and services and love to include them in a story, instead of just a press release. We’ve worked with a variety of brands to feature their services like Charter Communications and how they gave back to our local community, as well as featuring products from brands like Jabra, Barbantia and several others. Please email to inquire about the current rate for sponsored content.

Week99er does also share editorial content that is relevant to our site and that we feel would benefit our readers. Our rates are reasonable and we can work within a budget. Please note that all editorial posts are paid on Week99er.

Social Advertising –

Social media campaigns are some of our favorites. Our followers are engaged, excited and want to learn more about new products. We follow all of the current FTC guidelines and have the ability to boost posts on both Facebook and Pinterest.

Rates for social sharing:

  • Facebook $150.00
  • Twitter $150.00
  • Pinterest $100.00
  • Instagram $100.00
  • Youtube – Contat Us

Round Ups & Gift Guides – 

The quickest way for our readers to find what they need often isn’t in a review feature but a quick inclusion in a roundup or gift guide. We do a huge one each year with our 99 days of Christmas, but also do smaller gift guides throughout the year and holiday season. All posts are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and some even make it to Youtube! Be sure to check out our Unboxings!

Have Passport, Will Travel –

Travel is one of our favorite things to do, it opens your mind and eyes to different parts of the world and cultures. We love doing Media trips, FAM trips or working with you for individualized travel features. We have our suitcases, passports and even Global Entry – so we’re ready to go! If possibly we would love couple trips for the site, since seeing the destination from more than one perspective is a great way to write the article. From hotel coverage, restaurant reviews, attractions and theme parks. We love to partner with destinations for coverage.

Examples of international travel and local FAM coverage can be provided.

Restaurant/ Attractions / Event Coverage

We’re happy to cover events, restaurant openings and more in the Metro-Detroit area. Week99er does have writers in the Chicagoland area, Miami, and New York.  We love to attend special events and get the word out!  We happily consider sharing about local restaurants and entertainment either in an advertisement as noted above, a giveaway, or live event coverage.

Hosting Giveaways –

Yes! We do that too. Our readers love giveaways, because really – who doesn’t? If the giveaway is part of a sponsored campaign please be aware there is an additional $100 fee for including a giveaway. All Giveaway items must be at least $75, the sponsor is responsible for mailing the prize within 2 weeks or receiving the winner’s information. All giveaways are hosted using Giveaway Tools and winners are chosen at random. Brands are provided two social links as entry options, but keep in mind that these entries must follow the Terms of Service of those sites. We do not collect or provide email addresses of entries.  Giveaway inclusion during the months of October – December are at a premium and will include an additional charge.

Check our our Giveaway Policy here!

Facebook Live – Contact for pricing.

Instagram Stories – Contact for pricing.

Instagram Live – Contact for pricing.

Instagram Take Over – Contact for pricing.

Photography –

Do you see image you would like to use in your advertising campaign? Contact us, many of our photos are available for purchase.  We own the rights to all of our photos and they may not be used without permission. Keep in mind that all of the photos on our website have been reduced in size for web traffic, if you’re interested in any image, we retain all originals at a database here. Tagging us when you use our photo is not sufficient.  Please contact us first – we would love to work with you! Let us know what you want and we can help!

Consulting –

We know, blogging is such an awesome job that you want to do it too! We are in love with blogging and would love to help you kick start your website and your journey into this awesome career. However, we can’t do it for free or a cup of coffee. Please reach out to learn our hourly rate – remember Doctor’s don’t give out free medical advice, this is our bread and butter and we’re more than happy to help!

Reviews –

Reviewing items can be a lot of fun but it doesn’t pay the bills. We’re more than happy to work with you on review features but please check with us on our our current rates. We understand your budget may be small, but please consider the time it takes for us to do photography, editing, writing and actually using the product. We do not return review items, because let’s be frank – it has to have some benefit to us. Writing an article and returning the item has all the benefit for the company not us. If you’d like to work with us, reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together.

Due to the amount of review requests we cannot accommodate them all. But if your product is a good fit we will be in touch! Unsolicited items will not be returned and may not be reviewed – so please be sure to reach out and let’s talk before hand!

All reviews will be done within 4-6 weeks unless we have an agreement for a quicker turn around. But please keep in mind that all articles take time – so an item that arrives Friday will not appear on the website on Monday.

Check out our current review policy here for more information!

Our Reach –

Yes, we’re all over social media and pretty active too! These are our social media numbers as of 3/1/2020

Twitter – 14,700+

Facebook   11,900+

Instagram 6200+

Pinterest 5700+

YouTube 148,000+

Linked In 1100+

Please email for current site impressions, email subscriptions, reach and advertising pricing that is not already listed!