Zootopia Hops to Blu-Ray and DVD + Activity Sheets and an All New Clip!

zootopia dvd review

zootopia dvd review

When Zootopia first came to theaters we knew we had to see it all because of the DMV scene. What we didn’t realize was how much we would instantly love the movie. This week Zootopia crossed over the $1 Billion mark at the world wide box office (only the 4th animated movie to do this) and if you’ve seen the movie you know why. Today you can actually bring Zootopia home and enjoy the movie again and again. Admit it, you’ve already seen it in the theater a few times – why not put it on at home?

The movie follows Judy Hopps, a small bunny with big dreams. She’s determined to become Zootopia’s first bunny cop despite being told there has never been a rabbit cop. In Zootopia “Anyone can be Anything”, and Judy is a firm believer and wants to make a difference. Once she becomes a cop, Judy meeds Nick Wilde a fox who joins her on a case in Zootopia and challenges everything she believes. The movie is filled with rich characters, funny moments and is one you’ll be happy to watch over and over again.

Zootopia is now available everywhere on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD. It has a total run time of 108 minutes and is rated PG. Your kids (and you) will love the movie and the bonus features as well. The Blu-Ray combo pack includes:

  • Zoology: The Roundtables
  • The Origin of an Animal Tale
  • Research: A True-Life Adventure
  • Z.P.D. Forensic Files
  • Deleted Characters
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Plus More!

Did you know there are hidden Mickeys all over Zootopia? Have help finding them in this all new clip!

Still not have enough Zootopia fun? Check out these all new printable games for your upcoming movie night!



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