mazda cx9 review

Zoom Zoom All Around Town in a Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9 Review
I can’t think of a Mazda without thinking of their iconic commercials and the phrase “Zoom zoom”. What is Zoom Zoom? It’s the sound of a car going by, of motion and speed. But other than reviewing a Mazda 3 last summer, I don’t have a lot of experience with driving Mazdas. That is until they dropped off a 2014 Mazda CX-9 for me to review.

Mazda CX-9 Review

First things first, the Mazda CX-9 has all of the new gadgets that you would expect in a newer car: GPS, hands free calling, cruise control, blind spot detection and more. And of course it has one of my things about it, you can control all of it from the steering wheel. The button placement isn’t arrange so they will conflict with your steering and it wont cause you to randomly dial friends as you make a turn. That is a very important!

Mazda CX-9 Review

The main counsel between the seats includes your main GPS and radio control. The CX-9 comes with a TomTom system that is updated via satellite as needed. As far as radio, you can switch from AM, FM, use the port to connect your iPod or other MP3 player, connect your phone’s music line up via Bluetooth, or use Satellite radio. If you are using the FM radio system it actually includes HD options, so your favorite station might have better sound quality or offer another sub-station with more music options!

The CX-9 provided not only one battery charging port near the gear shift, but another in the arm rest as well as a USB charger for your smart phone or other devices. But one of my favorite options was available on the gear shift itself – the ability to drop or raise your car in gear if needed. Not only is this great if you’re driving on rough roads, hauling items etc, but it’s good to drop a gear and save yourself some gas if you’re stuck in slow traffic.

Mazda CX-9 Review

There are some added features in the CX-9 that you may not find in every newer car as well. I’ve been in vehicles in the past where you can set your desired seating position and maybe one other. But the CX-9 allows you to have up to three pre-set driver seat configurations. Just think of getting in the car and just hitting the button and have it go back to where you want it. No more figuring out where you had everything set before. This was only available on the driver’s seat, but the passenger’s seat was fully power adjustable as well, even when the car was turned off!

Mazda CX-9 Review

When I first got into the Mazda CX-9, I could instantly smell leather. It was all back and soft to the touch. but it was also edged and detailed with a soft suede on the side walls and in the wings of the chairs in the back. Not only was it a nice visual difference for the interior, but it was a nice tactile change too. I can’t count how many times I caught myself petting the suede portion of the door as I drove.

One thing I would like to note, and this might be my only “dislike” in the CX-9 is the layout of the mirror adjustment and windows button. Even with my seat pulled up they were a bit hard to reach at time. While it appears the intention was they would literally be at the tip of your fingers when you’re using the built in arm rest. But that is something that you can learn to live with, it just means leaning forward to use the controls as needed.

Mazda CX-9 Review

If you need a lot of space for passengers, the CX-9 has that for you. Not only does it offer a third row seating option that folds completely down, but the second row also is completely adjustable. The second row has the connectors for two car seats, and even has an area that drops down to store your drinks. Lucky riders in the second row can also control their own temperature zone while you’re on the go.

Mazda CX-9 Review

And if you put the third row down, you have plenty of space for your shopping needs. I was able to fit two dogwoods, three lilacs, three butterfly bushes, and several other plants in the back without any other issue. If you need to haul, or just need more space your second row will also completely fold down for more space.

Not only was the Mazda CX-9 a smooth ride for the week, but it was able to handle all of my errands and everything I put it through. I enjoyed driving it, and was thankful that it had a great break system when someone slammed on their breaks in front of me. But my there were two features the CX-9 had that stood out. The first being a rain sensing windshield wiper system. You can put your blades on “auto” like you would your headlights, and it will change speed as the rain increases or decreases once you engage them. I’ve never seen that option in a car and that’s pretty awesome.

The second feature that I loved was the back up assist system. Ok, this isn’t new, but what Mazda did with the system is (at least for me). It does have the back up camera system I’m use to, but the first time you put it in reverse you notice something different – the side mirrors move! They actually tip down as you back up allowing you to see the curb, what could be under your tires (bike, ball, teddy bear) make sure you see every bit around you as you back up safely.

The 2014 Mazda CX-9 starts at $29,985 and is not only eye catching but a great ride for all of your adventures!

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