Zoobies Product Review and Giveaway

zoobies review
You know, kids have it good now days. I’m sure every one has looked at what their kids are getting for toys and think “Wow, we never had anything like that!” Zoobies are just one of those toys. What is a Zoobie Pet? It’s a stuffed animal and it’s a blanket!
The hardest part when doing this review was choosing what type of Zoobie Pet we wanted. They’re not just stuffed animals – and don’t just give you one or two options. The blanket pets alone have horses, dogs, cats, zebras, lions, alligators, water buffaloes and pretty much any animal you will find in the zoo! I knew which animal I would have picked as a kid (the Lion of course!) but which one would my nephew like? We actually had to let him choose – he went with Patch the Pinto.

When Patch first arrived I took a picture and sent it to my sister. I could hear the kid inside her in her voice – it’s the one she would have picked too. Not only was it cute, but it was well made.  I did giggle a little, with the blanket inside it looked like Patch had had a large meal.

Now, the moment of truth – would my nephew like his new friend? I think the picture says it all! Not only did he get a new friend, but he got a soft cuddly blanket to nap with too.

I have to say, I was surprised at the size of the blanket inside the toy. It would be more than enough for a kid – it’d be great for cuddling during story time. This would be the perfect toy for traveling too – Not only would the kids have a toy to play with, but you’d have a blanket whenever you need it. This is the very reason the toys were made by two brothers from a family of nine, not only for the kids, but for Mom too!

Don’t worry if your kids like a non-traditional animal, you’ll be able to find it on their site. You will be able to find them their own dragon, baboon, polar bear or gazelle!

Find Zoobies online:
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  1. Man would be a hard choice for me there are so many to choose from but i would go with tama the turtle or saba the snail

  2. HOW can i choose!? These are CUUUUTE! I love Draco the Dragon, and the Unicorn, & the Turtle, & Hello Kitty, annnnd.. . . . . . .
    thanks for the chance to WIN!

  3. They are all so precious…but I think I kinda like the Horse. Looks like my little cowgirls favorite kind, a paint horse!


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