Zoku Wants You to Stop Watering Down Your Iced Coffee

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker Review

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker ReviewWhenever I go through the drive through to pick up coffee, I actually get mad when they ask me if I want my coffee hot, iced or frozen. On a hot day I may opt for a frozen coffee, but I never ask for an iced coffee. The reason is simple, I hate watered down coffee. Why are you paying for ice cubes and less coffee, which means less flavor? An easy solution at home is to make your own coffee cubes, but you have to have them made well ahead of time and store them. Now, there is an easier solution that lets you make hot coffee and walk out the door with your own iced coffee without any watering down of flavor, or that caffeine we so dearly love and need.

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker ReviewThe solution is simple – the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker, and Zoku sent us one to try out and see if it would make it easier to get full flavored iced coffee at home. The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker comes in four pieces, an outer sleeve, the inner cooling core, a lid and a straw. When all of the parts are put together you have on convenient to-go cup that will fit in your cup holder in your car!

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker ReviewMaking iced coffee with the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker is extremely easy. the first step is taking your cooling core and placing it in the the freezer over night (be sure it’s nice and clean first!) When you’re ready for your iced coffee in the morning or late afternoon, place your cooling core in the outer sleeve, add in your fresh hot coffee, milk and sugar and place your lid and straw on. It’s that simple! Well, almost – you do have to wait 7-8 minutes for the cooling core to do it’s job. But if you make your iced coffee before you get ready in the morning, your iced coffee will be chilled and waiting when you’re heading out the door.

Zoku Ice Coffee Maker ReviewUnlike other travel mugs, the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker’s top doesn’t screw into the top, instead it almost suctions into the top of the mug. This actually helps the cooling happen, but does not make it leak proof! Don’t tip the coffee over your head to test it to make sure it wont spill on you. The rubber seal will keep your iced coffee secure inside, but there is a possibility of dribbles – so keep that in mind.

I love how handy the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker is, and if coffee isn’t your think – you could use it to quickly chill a drink on a hot day or if you just love chilled drinks without watering them down. The chilling core does take up a little space in the freezer, but no more than another freezer pack does and it was easy to find a place for it. the Iced Coffee Maker is so easy to use, and it’s a great tool to have on hand to keep you making your coffee at home rather than running to the coffee shop. All parts of the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker need to be washed by hand, and they shouldn’t be placed in the dishwasher – but a quick wash and they’re ready to go for your next day!

You can find the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker on Amazon and on Zoku’s website.

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