Zing Pong Is a New Fun and Gross Game for Kids

Zing Pong Game Review

Even thought kids are back in school now, the weekends and breaks are still filled with that call of “I’m bored”. So it might be time to start stocking up no games for when the neighborhood kids all stop by, for that next sleep over or even those upcoming holiday breaks (that aren’t as far off as you think!).

We were sent a copy of Zing Pong, a game that kids and adults can play together and looks deceptively easy to play. We’ve all played ping pong or games with ping pong balls. Zing Pong comes with a light base with divits built into it that perfectly fit the balls. With four sides and four different colored balls, each player has a side and their goal is to get their ping pong balls to land in their side the quickest. The last person to get their ping pong balls in their spots has to drink a gross drink from one of the recipes provided.

Playing Zing Pong isn’t as easy as you would think, the balls don’t just land in the spots easily and they will fly around the area. Be sure you are playing in an area that you can have flying ping pong balls and that can be easily found. But the game will result in a lot of laughs and fun for the whole family.

Zing Pong Game Review

What we love about Zing Pong – the flexibility of the game. Not only is it light weight enough you could easily travel with it if you are going to a family party or reunion. The drink recipes are simple and things kids can easily make – but can be easily adapted if adults decide to play the game as a drinking game. It’s a fun game for kids of all ages and will be one that kids will want to play over and over again.

Get your copy of Zing Pong before their next sleep over or the holiday travel starts!

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