Your Photos Printed on Glass Make the Perfect Artwork

Fracture Pictures Review

Fracture Pictures ReviewWe’re shutterbugs in our house. It’s honestly hard to think of a day we haven’t taken a photo of at least one thing, and if our camera isn’t nearby our phones are. But taking thousands of pictures a year, usually means that none get printed or displayed throughout the house.

Fracture Pictures ReviewWe’re always looking for different ways to display our photography and artwork, and found Fracture, a company that prints your photos directly on glass to be hung on the wall. I love the idea of having the clean, frame-less look on the wall that is easy to clean and hang. Fracture gave me a gift card to try out their service and get some of our artwork printed.

Fracture Pictures ReviewWhen our order arrived – I was devastated at the appearance of the box. Despite the “Fragile Glass” all over the box, it had the appearance that an elephant sat on it. I didn’t hear glass rattling inside, and there was a good reason for that. Even though the delivery service didn’t treat the package with care, Fracture had the pieces we ordered packaged. Each piece of artwork we ordered was set into cut foamcore that complete surrounds all sides working as a protection of the edges during shipment and anything else until you decorate your walls.

Fracture Pictures ReviewDespite having thousands upon thousands of images to choose from, we had a hard time choosing pictures we wanted to print on glass. Thankfully, Fracture has a large art section you can choose from and you can get some of your favorite paintings, stills and even original artwork printed on artwork. I chose an engraving from the Wizard of Oz for me and The Starry Night for my boyfriend. All of the items we ordered came out with vivid detail, bright color. Since they are printed on the glass, there is no air gap to create a dulled look on the artwork later, and you can even clean them with window cleaner without worrying about hurting your image.

Fracture Pictures ReviewRemember that foamcore the artwork was packaged in? It is the same material that backs your artwork. The foam keeps the pictures light weight but also provides easy places to hang the pictures on the wall. If you’re not a fan of hanging artwork, Fracture also offers a stand option for your art piece.

Fracture Pictures ReviewWe absolutely love how each and every piece looks from Fracture. While they are a bit more expensive than a traditional paper print, the fact we can have edge to edge prints without the additional cost of frames make it absolutely worth it. They are a great way to showcase our artwork, our passions and favorite fandoms. But even as keepsake items, or gifts Fracture pictures make a lasting impression that wont be forgotten.

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