lumi-dough review

Your Kid’s Artwork Can Glow in the Dark! #Christmascountdown

Lumi-Dough Review
When we were kids we use to make animals and shapes out of play-dough all the time. But when you’re done you had to destroy your creation or it would dry out and crack. That’s pretty much the only option you have. But now your kids (or you) and make and mold whatever you want out of Lumi-Dough and keep reworking it until you’re ready for it to set up.

Lumi-Dough Review

Lumi-Dough sent Goonie a set to play with, and it’s been so much fun. It’s for ages 4 and up, but as long as your kids don’t put things in their mouth anymore they’re the perfect age for this toy!

Lumi-Dough is non-toxic and antibacterial. You can even wash it if it gets dirty – so if for some reason it does get in someone’s mouth it can be washed and used again.

Goonie had so much fun with his Lumi Dough, he even made some fun people. And when his creations were done he was excited to see if they would actually glow – and they did! The set came with 6 colors that you can make into whatever you want as well as black. You can play with it as many times as you want. And as soon as your master piece is done you can actually bake it to set it into a permanent design. Even after baking your design it’ll continue to glow.

You can find Lumi Dough on their website or on Amazon. It’s a fun toy for kids of all ages! Make beautiful designs that will glow and entertain you for years to come!

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