You’ll Melt over this Wax Warming Cthulhu

Chuthulu wax warmer Halloween Forevermore

Chuthulu wax warmer Halloween Forevermore

Burning candles has been how most people bring warmth and scent into their space. But over the past couple of decades we’ve seen an uptick in wax melters, ceramic warming devices that bring you the same warmth and scents like melting a candle would – but without the open flame that could become dangerous with pets or small kids. But I’ve found over the years, that a lot of the wax melters are too cute, too frilly or just not my style.

Chuthulu wax warmer Halloween ForevermoreEarlier this year, I was introduced to Halloween Forevermore, a company that focuses on Halloween themed decorations that you can use around your home. We already found they have a wonderful Sugar Skull Diffuser, but their Wax Melters is where they stole our hearts. Ghosts, goblins and the highly detailed Cthulhu that works with any wax melt you can find on the market.

The Cthulhu wax warmer comes in two porcelain pieces, the base that plugs in and warms up and the top wax reservoir. Together they line up the creepy monster face you would expect to find. After just about a minute of being plugged in the warmer will start to warm up and melt anything inside it. Your space will start to fill up with the warm scents you desire.

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