You Don’t Know Me and There are Reasons for That #BehindTheBlogger

apple blossoms

apple blossoms

You don’t know me. I’ve made sure of that. It may sound odd from a blogger, but I never set out to make this a personal blog or to use it as my personal journal. Sure, occasionally personal blog posts creep in, and small bits about our lives are in the posts we place up here. But unless you know me in real life, you may pass me in the grocery store and never notice me (although right now, you may notice my Rainbow Brite hair). You don’t know my stances on politics – and honestly, you never will on this site (so please stop sending me your political agendas to post on my site). You don’t know my religious views or anything about my personal love life. Those are not the reasons I started writing, and if you’re looking for a salacious website with that type of information – you’ve come to the wrong website. You’re welcome to leave, and you can do so – but please read this post first.  I started this as a resource to others, reviews, gluten free recipes, travel, lifestyle – all of that. Not for personal stuff.

Yes, you don’t know me – unless we’re friends, and even then there’s a lot of me you don’t know. But that doesn’t mean I don’t support you, cheer from you from the side lines or even support your causes. Because, while you don’t know me – I understand where you are in your life. Chances are I’ve been there too. Not exactly the same spot you’re standing in now – although sometimes my feet have been in the same footsteps. But I’ve been there.

You don’t know me but …

  • I’m over educated and underemployed
  • I struggle with money. Even in my 30’s I’m paycheck to paycheck and a lot of the time, they just don’t stretch far enough
  • I’m a work-aholic and Type A
  • I honestly believe there is good in the world
  • I struggle with my weight, and will for the rest of my life. But I’m ok with that, as long as I’m healthy
  • I have learned to shoot guns, but don’t want them in my house or near me. You’re welcome to have them in your home just make me aware of them.
  • I have an irrational fear of open stairs and glass floors. With my education, the irrationality of it is even worse
  • I’ve been objectified by men as soon as I started to develop
  • I’ve learned to walk with keys between my fingers late at night to protect myself from the unknown
  • I’ve been groped by men at college parties simply because I was there
  • I’ve learned to fight back
  • I escaped a volatile relationship, only to watch someone I know to not only date but marry my former abuser.
  • I’ve been the victim of racism, even though in the winter I can make Snow White look tan.
  • I’ve lived in an unsafe neighborhood
  • I’ve had friends of a friend use racial slurs against me in front of my friend who turned a blind eye – but then watched the same friend yell about racial indignation.
  • I believe that All Lives Matter, but right now, some need a louder voice than our own.
  • I know I’m privileged for being white, and know that in the past I’ve taken advantage of that privilege
  • I’ve been unemployed (twice) and on food stamps once
  • I was raised with religion, but choose not to practice organized religion due to experiences with people at the churches I attended

With all of that being said – what you definitely should know about me:

  • I don’t care about race, color or station. I believe everyone deserves an equal chance
  • I don’t care who you love – love is love is love is love is love – got it? Love is a beautiful thing!
  • I don’t care if you have a gun – just be responsible with it
  • I don’t care what religion you are, and wont hold the actions of crazy people against you or your religion.
  • I don’t hate anyone, I hate actions and remember those speak louder than words
  • I believe that the world needs love, good intentions and people giving back. If you do it in the name of your religion, good for you. But there needs to be no other motive than just giving back and spreading love.
  • I will support and help people who need it, and I will stand by you. I will be an ally when others wont.

I may not know you, and you may not know me. But know that I’m there to help support you when you need it. People are more than what the media allows us to see, and the issues aren’t so black and white. We’re all complex beings of the same species who experience this world differently, but it doesn’t mean we can’t relate to one another.
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  1. I keep my blog free of politics as well, and although I mention stuff about my personal life sometimes, I keep most of it off the blog.

    I definitely have type-A tendencies and I like to believe that there’s good in the world as well.

    I love your “things you should definitely know about me” section–I couldn’t agree more! <3

  2. You’ve been through a lot and I want to send you virtual hugs for talking about all of it. As for keeping your private life out of your blog, there are so many days I wish I had made that decision myself. In the past 6 months I’ve become recognizable out in public for my convention coverage posts. On one hand, it’s good to know my readers appreciate me as a person, my opinions, and my posts, and I like meeting my readers in person because they are generally really kind and caring people. On the other hand, though, I do run into a few people who are not so nice about it and I would like to go back to being in public without hearing “Hey! You’re that blogger from The Mom Next Door!”


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