You Can Have A Sustainable Garden, Too!

Sustainable Garden

Sustainability in the home is something that is far more popular now than it ever was and with more and more people turning to their own gardens to grow their own products. Most gardeners are interested in how they can use their little piece of land to be creative and grow their own food, even extending to having a chicken coop and chickens around for eggs! There are a lot of ways that you can create a beautiful environment in your outside space, and recycling should come into it if you want your garden to be sustainable.

Recycling and reusing isn’t just good for the environment, it’s cheap, which means that you can do way more with your outside space because you’d have the cash to do it. If you want to give some of your household items a second wind, think about using them in the garden so that you can give back to the environment and make your garden work for you.

Old Bathroom Equipment. Trying to add a pond to your garden can be far easier when you rip out your bathroom suite. Those old sinks and baths can be sunk into the ground and you can attract a very strong ecosystem, which will attract toads and frogs to your garden. These little critters can reduce slugs on your plants and vegetables, meaning that your greenery isn’t destroyed!

Catch Rainwater. There are periods throughout the year where rain slows right down and it’s not always easy to constantly keep the garden watered. You could browse products at Devan Plastics and find effective water tanks that you could install in your garden space to mass collect rainwater. Reduce, reuse and recycle the natural resources to help your garden grow.

Plastic Bottles. Rather than dumping your plastics into the right recycling bin, you could cut off the bottoms and cover over new seedlings to keep them protected from the rain and other harsh weather systems. If you leave the top off the bottles, you can prevent moisture from building and destroying your seedlings. Don’t forget to take the bottle away once the plant grows large enough to touch the plastic sides.

Old CDs. There is a big problem for fruit and veg plants when hungry birds come into the equation. Once birds can recognise that seeds, fruit and veggies are growing, they swoop down and eat the crops. You can deter cheeky birds like this by stringing together old CDs and hanging them over the crops that you are growing. These work as excellent scarers! If it doesn’t work, windchimes can often do the same job of deterring a flighty feast.

There are so many other ways that you can recycle old household materials, and you should recognise that reusing your old things is far better for the environment and for your wallet than buying new! Being able to grow things in your own garden is important if you want to live a sustainable life. How do you recycle?

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