X1 accessibility features

X1 Accessibility Features Coming Soon Including Audible Assistance!

X1 Accessibility Features
Being fully able-bodied I don’t have to worry about how to do every day tasks. There are things we take advantage of each and every day that isn’t available to everyone. For someone with disabilities, something as simple as watching TV can be a challenge. Approximately one out of every three people in the United States has a disability of some sort, and while everything is designed for the average person – that doesn’t mean everything will work for everyone.

Universal design is the practice of designing with everyone in mind, including people with disabilities. This means including features so someone could “watch” TV even if they can’t see. Yes, there are large numbers of blind people who enjoy TV probably more than we do. But the only way to navigate through the channels is to change the channel and listen for a clue of what’s on the screen. It’s because of this that Comcast is starting to roll out audible assistance throughout their X1 format. This update will hit all of their 5 million X1 subscribers in the upcoming weeks.

 X1 Accessibility Features
With the update, there will be a tutorial available for all X1 users. Across the format users will now be able to set up an Audible Assistance. While the intent was to create an option for customers with visual impairments, Audible Assistance can be used with limited vision, after a long day, or even for children or people who cannot read. Once engaged Audible Assistance will not only read what is on the screen, but can read more about the program or the viewers favorite actors.

Audible Assistance is one of the first steps that Comcast is integrating into their new X1 format to make viewing enjoyable for more of their customers. While the update will only be on the new X1 boxes, if you have one of their older or Legacy boxes, you can upgrade to X1 for no additional cost. They even offer Self Installation Kits where you can make the changes yourself and take advantage of the Audible Assistance and other features.

Check out the video below to find out more about the new accessibility features:

Accessibility features will be added to all X1 boxes across the nation in the next few weeks. Check for the update on your box and try it out.

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