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wubblex reviewLast year we were introduced to the fun of Wubble Bubbles, bouncing inflatable balls that kids absolutely love. The original Wubble was a lot of fun, but this year Wubble has created two new inflatable toys that your kids are going to love. We were sent the all new WubbleX to play with and review, but unlike the original Wubble, it’s an indoor only toy.

wubblex reviewWubbleX is a much smaller version of the original Wubble toy, but that doesn’t mean it’s less fun. It actually only expands to about 18 inches and is a little thinner than it’s original partner. And instead of a pump to fill it up, the WubbleX requires a small canister of Helium. That is the key to the WubbleX, and makes it float in the air for a short period of time!

wubblex reviewFilling the WubbleX should be done by a parent or an older child, since helium itself is not a toy. You insert the straw into the WubbleX and then into the helium canister and start to fill the WubbleX up. It doesn’t take long for the WubbleX to be completely full, and you simply use on of the included tabs to cover the opening to keep any helium to from rushing out.

wubblex reviewWhen I removed the straw from filling the WubbleX, I was worried that the helium would escape and we’d have a deflated ball to play with. But instead it held and I had plenty of time to get put the seal on it and let the WubbleX go. Because of the helium inside it instantly went up towards the ceiling, but was easy to toss around and play with. And despite the thinner walls, it was still able to bounce and play with.

wubblex reviewThe WubbleX stayed high in the ceiling unless we grabbed it for the first 30 minutes or so, and then began to come down towards the floor. It stayed inflated so it could be played with but was at an easier height to play with. The thinner walls means it can’t be sat on or bounced a lot like the larger Wubble bubbles, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. You can still play catch with it, and toss it back and forth as well bounce it between players.

wubblex reviewSince the WubbleX uses helium, and has no anchor, the WubbleX is an indoor only toy. It’s soft nature means it’ll bounce off items easiily, and you can still poke and play with it. You can find the WubbleX on their website, on amazon¬†and at Toys-R-Us. Your kids will love seeing their WubbleX fly and the fun of bouncing back and forth. And the best part about the WubbleX – you can reinflate it over and over again!

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