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WTRMLN WTR Comes to Markets in Metro Detroit! #WTRMLNWTR

wtmln wtf reviewThere are a lot of healthy drink options on the market, but a game changer has entered the market! WTRMLN WTR is the first in its category, surprisingly sweet and refreshing without any artificial additives. It first came to the market a couple years ago, but now will be available at local organic markets around metro Detroit.

wtmln wtf reviewI was invited to come out to Shades Optical in Birmingham for the local product launch. The small store was lined with WTRMLN WTR and waiting for guests to visit and try the product. What exactly is WTRMLN WTR? A cold pressed juice created from the juice and rind of watermelon. It’s a naturally hydrating juice that in each serving has 740 mg of Potassium, 520 mg of Citrulline, 9.5 mg of Lycopene and by itself has six times the electrolytes of most sports drinks, and more than most coconut waters.

wtmln wtf reviewSince WTRMLN WTR has no added water or sugar, it’s a great juice option for kids as well as active adults.  Inside every bottle is pretty much the whole watermelon, except of course the skin and seeds. With a dash of natural lemon juice to prevent oxidation, you’re left with a natural fresh juice to enjoy with your workouts and more.

The taste of WTRMLN WTR is sweet and refreshing, and the addition of the rind and lemon give it a bit of a tart kick. It’s great on its own but would be fantastic as a cocktail mixer, or even to make homemade sorbet or even a natural dessert glaze. Watermelon is naturally sweet, so there’s no need to any anything to the drink to enjoy it – just chill, shake and enjoy!

WTRNMLN WTR will be available at natural retailers like Whole Foods and other organic markets! You can even find WTRMLN WTR on Amazon if you can’t find it in a store near you!

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