Wreck-It-Ralph Review

Wreck it Ralph – Now in Theaters! 

Wreck it Ralph
On Friday, Wreck it Ralph busted its way into theaters! It’s the newest Disney movie that even my parents are saying “I want to see that”. We’re big Disney lovers, so this is definitely right up our alley.

Ralph is the villain character in a arcade game called “Fix it Felix Jr”, after 30 years of destroying buildings and being alone he sets out to become a hero. But not without facing a few problems along the way.

Along the way Ralph does get his Hero award, but on his way back to his game he finds himself on an adventure of a lifetime. He meets Vanellope, a glitch in her own game – Sugar Rush, who has her own problems to overcome.

Besides the stunning graphics (which look fantastic in 3-D), the movie has a heart warming story that runs through it. Both Ralph and Vanellope are relate-able characters that you and your kids will enjoy.

While this movie is meant to be for kids, I think that it’s geared for my generation as well. You can see a lot of the video games we grew up playing in the movie, and beloved characters brought to life. This is a fantastic movie and I would recommend it to anyone!

Check out a clip below:

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