Wrap Yourself in Luxury with Whipped Body Wash and Lotion from Mangiacotti

Mangiacotti Whipped Body Wash Review

Mangiacotti Whipped Body Wash ReviewEveryone loves a touch of luxury in their life and enjoys being pampered. That’s probably why lotion is a favorite gift idea during the holidays and especially Valentine’s day. Lotion can make you feel pampered and help heal dry skin that the winter gives us all, but finding one that is lightweight and a scent that everyone can enjoy can be harder than you’d think.

Mangiacotti Whipped Body Wash ReviewThis year Mangiacotti has released their Whipped Body Wash and Body Lotion Line and are offering it in a beautiful gift package that is not only perfect to gift but to get for yourself. They sent us a gift set for Valentine’s Day and inside with a can of both the body wash and lotion as well as a matching pomegranate candle that comes in its own glass container perfect to spread warmth and a soft fragrance to any room.

Mangiacotti Whipped Body Wash ReviewThe Mangiacotti Whipped Body wash and Whipped Body Lotion is unlike anything we’ve used or experienced before. Both the body wash and body lotion are in aerosol containers and the aerated product increases the speed of absorption of the product on the skin, giving the user instant hydration and a soft feeling.

Mangiacotti Whipped Body Wash ReviewWhile the application seemed a little odd, and almost made us think it should be be on top of a pie or ice cream rather than our skin – the Mangiacotti lotion was so soft and light it was a nice treat applying it to our dry hands. Even a little puff on the lotion was enough for our hands as well as our arms. We had soft skin after application and I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t greasy to the touch.

Mangiacotti Whipped Body Wash ReviewInside every bottle of lotion and body wash Mangiacotti makes you will find plant derived ingredients as well as essential oils. With scent profiles ranging from pomegranate to ginger lime, clementine, lavender, ocean and lemon verbena – you will find a profile you like and to fit your style. With a paraben-free promise, the products are never tested on animals, made in the USA and finished by citizens with disabilities. The companies commitment quality and their community shines through each product you purchase.


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