Wrap Buddies Takes the Stress Out of Wrapping Presents

wrap Buddies Review

We’ve all been there, wrapping presents and can’t keep ahold of your scissors or your tape. We’ve even seen seen the drinking game made from the common fact that this happens to everyone during the holidays. But with one small tool that is a thing of the past – you just need to grab a Wrap Buddy!

We were sent a set of Wrap Buddies to use and to test out. They are a simple tool that you can use on any table you have in the house or counter space if you don’t have a clear table to work on. And when you’re not using them – they snap together so they easily store together and wont get seperated.

wrap Buddies Review

But what do Wrap Buddies do? They have a soft grip that wont hurt the surface that you attach them to it and you can space them to fit any roll of wrapping paper. The inside has a space that fits standard rolls of wrapping paper and you can easily roll out exactly the amount you need for whatever you are wrapping. And the ends of each Wrap Buddy has a tape dispenser that takes standard rolls of tape and holds it in one place. That means the only items you really need to keep tabs on is your scissors.

wrap Buddies Review

Using Wrap Buddies was extremely easy and fit perfectly on the table in our office. And the best part we were able to put them to use and away when we were done using them. The only improvement I saw that the Wrap Buddies needed was a bit of sharper place to cut the tape, I often found myself needing to use the scissor to cut the tape while using the Wrap Buddies. But overall, it made wrapping presents any time of year much easier.



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