WowWee MiP: Gesture Based Games with Your Own Robot! #Christmascountdown

MiP Review
MiP Product Review

Last year Wowwee sent me their RoboMe to review, and he was the first addition to my Robot collection. Having graduated from a college that actually participates in Battle Bots, it was fun to get one to play around with. But this year Wowwee is launching new robot friends that are a lot of fun to play with – and when I checked out their new toys this summer, I actually won the new MiP!

Compared to the RoboMe, MiP is much smaller. MiP is probably a quarter size of his Older Brother. But the little guy, in my opinion offers more fun options for everyone. Add in the app (available for both iphones and android) and you open up  more game options.

MiP Product Review

MiP comes with almost everything you need to get started. Just open up his battery pack on the back, insert four AAA batteries and flip the switch to start playing. Every MiP will come with a tray that you can stack items on in one of the games, and it depends on what you’re doing – but you could even use your MiP to deliver items to friends, family or a pet. The tray and MiP can only handle so much weight, and can carry drinks but they should be closed in case it splashes or it tips.

What sets MiP apart from any of the robots that have come before him? He’s a balancing robot that responds to your hand gestures. From the moment you switch on the MiP, the eyes light up and its personality begins to show. In a robotic voice it announces its name, and rattles off its commands in a tone that reminds me of Moe from Wall-E. Besides the basic mode and balancing on his wheels, MiP offers six different modes to play with. Just rotate his wheels and he’ll change to tricks, track, cage, roam, dance or stack (remember that tray?). And that is all without the use of any other devices.

MiP Product Review

But just like every other WowWee robot, you can pair your new friend with your smart phone or tablet. With your app you can control every movement of your MiP, and have them turn where and when you want. Don’t want to get up to deliver the remote to your boyfriend – send MiP to take it to him! It’s like having a mini-butler (that only goes just past your ankles!) But once you start using the app, you can also get new game options like:
Drive, Path, Dance, Boxing, Battle, Stack and Cans. This isn’t a toy that will be played with shortly and then put away. It’s really a toy kids, and adults will like to play with.Watch your MiP balance, dance or set him up as your little butler. There’s not much he wont do for you – that is if you treat him right! That’s right, it’s not just a robot that plays games and shuts down. When you turn on MiP he announces his name to you, but if you treat him right he’ll respond better, play more games and you can see a noted change in personality. But treat MiP wrong, and he will refuse to answer, or starts disobeying. You will see your MiP thrive under a nurturing attitude. But there is one good thing, if you and MiP have a small spat – you can flip the switch to turn it off until next time.

You can find MiP on Amazon and at several major retailers like Toys R Us, Target and Best Buy. Check him out in action below!

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