Wonder Crew Buddy is Your Childs New Best Friend

wonder crew doll review

wonder crew doll review

Have you ever went to buy a toy for your nephew or a friend’s little boy and been only met with toy guns, cars and things that are considered “masculine”? When kids are little, they don’t see the gender lines in toys until they are told them by someone else. Really toys for kids shouldn’t have the a gender assigned, as kids just see toys and their imagination takes off. I spent more time in the sand box with my Matchbox cars than I did with my Barbies growing up. I grew up learning how to use tools and playing sports with the neighborhood boys – but still loved dressing up and playing with makeup.

wonder crew doll reviewToys and games help kids understand the world around them, and really there shouldn’t be a limit on who plays with what. This is exactly the reason PlayMonster came out with Wonder Crew Buddies. The buddies are created with little boys in mind, so they have their own play friends that don’t come dressed in pink and ruffles. Each Wonder Crew Buddy comes with his own cape, mask and a set for your little buddy to have that matches. The Wonder Crew Buddies come in different races, helping break down another social barrier when it comes to toys. Not only can your little guy have his own doll, but it can be different than him if he wants.

wonder crew doll reviewWe were sent a Wonder Crew Buddy James for the little guy in on our review team. Parker has a little sister who has a whole bin of “babies” she plays with. When Parker was given James, he was excited to get his own Baby to play with and one he could relate to. Together Parker and James can be super heroes and save the day. He absolutely loves his new friend and that he has one that is just for him.

We love the fact that there is a soft buddy for little boys to play with, without the stigma of playing with a doll. Much like an action figure Wonder Crew Buddies are ready for an adventure, but are soft and cuddly and can be great for nap time friends as well. We love the effort that is going into breaking down stereotypes on so many levels from Wonder Crew Buddy. With your little guy they’ll all go far!


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