Wirelessly Charge All of Your Devices with a Powerbar

Eggtronic Power Bar Review

Keeping your devices charged is one of the most important things you can do. While we may not be traveling as much as you were before, the amount of time we spend on our devices has increased. That means, unless you have a cord next to you at all times, you might be charging your phone or tablet multiple times a day.

Taking that power on the go or making it available where you may not have a plug at all times is the new problem. Yes, having a power bank is a great option but having a cord available is not always an option. And if your device has wireless charging – why aren’t you taking advantage of it? That is exactly why Eggtronic has made their Power Bar, offering three Qi charging spots in a portable brick.

Designed with iPhones and devices in mind, the Eggtronic offers 2 different charging spots as well as a spot that is made just for an Apple Watch. But that doesn’t mean that its just for their devices. Instead the 10,000 mAH charging block works with any mobile device that has wireless charging built in.

While the Eggtronic Power Bar is larger than a lot of other power blocks, it offers mobility while taking your wireless charging on the go. It can be plugged in and used like a power brick if you need it, or can add wireless charging to your desk, your car or wherever you need it. It’s a simple design but one that uses it’s sleek lines to integrate technology where you may not have it.


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