Kosher Wine Review

Wine Options for Passover

Kosher Wine ReviewFinding the right wine for the occasion can be difficult on a day to day basis, and that’s for everyone. If you’re looking for a good quality wine, and it has to be Kosher – your job got that much harder. There’s a lot of misconceptions about the flavor of Kosher wines, and you may not even know where to start looking for a bottle to bring to your next event or even to enjoy for Passover. The Royal Wine Corporation has several different Kosher wines, and sent me a selection to try out and share about with you.

SHILOH Legend ReviewSHILOH Legend – Red 

SHILOH Legend is a red wine from Isreal. While Shiloh is a red, it’s actually a blend of four different wines, the blend consists of Shiraz (45%) – Petite Syrah (40%) – Petite Verdot (9%) – Merlot (6%). After the four wines are combined, it is then aged together in a oak barrel for an additional 8 months.

Shiloh provides a full body taste with fruity and mint and spice under body.

Certification: Mevushal, Non-Mevushal

Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon ReviewBaron Herzog – Cabernet Sauvignon – Red

This Cabernet Sauvignon is from the Central Coast of California, more specifically Paso Robles. Another full bodied wine with a hint of blackberries, anise and an oaky finish.

Certification: Mevushal




A spicy Spanish wine that has hints of both nuts and berries. A spicy and fruity mix.

Certification: Mevushal


Terra di Setta Chianti Classico Rerserva D.O.C.G ReviewTerra di Setta Chianti Classico Rerserva D.O.C.G – Red

Terra is an Italian wine, full of deep flavors of berries and balsamic. It’s earthy flavor will bring to mind the flavor of Cherries and spices. Sourced from 100% organic Sangiovese grapes located in Italy’s famed Chianti Classico south area.

Certification: Non-Mevushal, OK

Herzog Chardonnay Review


Baron Herzog Chardonnay – White 

Another central coast wine from the Herzog Wine Cellars, this wine is a creamy white that is great with fish, cheese and chicken. It has the flavors of pear, apples and has a tangy kick that makes it great to pair with your favorite cheese and lighter meats. It has a nice citrus note that makes this a great addition to your meal.

Certification: Mevushal

BARTENURA Rosso Toscano ReviewBARTENURA Rosso Toscano – Red

Bartenura is a medium bodied red wine that is considered one of the “Super Tuscans”. It has a ruby-red, violet color and has a berry flavor to the wine. It’s great with aged cheeses and red meats.

Certification: Mevushal

Barkan Cab ReviewBarkan Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Red

A fruity red wine out of Isreal. With an 18 month aging in an oak barrel, this wine has a medium body and a rich taste.

Certification: Mevushal

Carmel Selected Cabernet Sauvignon ReviewCarmel Selected Cabernet Sauvignon – Red

A deep purple colored wine from Israel, with flavors of current and berries. Pairs great with Pasta, poultry and cheese.

Certification: Mevushal


This earthy wine comes from France and is a blend of different red wine. It has a complex taste that goes well with meat, fish, chicken and veal. The flavor has a hint of herbs and spices in a rich red taste.

Certification: Mevushal, Non-Mevushal



From the Russian River region in California, this Chardonnay has hints of pear, citrus and hazelnuts. It pairs well with lightly seasoned meats and grilled poultry dishes.

Certification: Mevushal

CARMEL APPELLATION Cabernet Sauvignon reviewCARMEL APPELLATION Cabernet Sauvignon – Red

A fruity red wine out of Israel, this Cabernet Sauvignon is full bodied with flavors and smells of of blackberries, plum and mint.

Certification: Non-Mevushal

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