Win a Dog Days Prize Package for the Dog You Love! #DogDays

dogdays prize package

dogdays prize package

Our pets are part of our family and that is exactly why we’ve partnered with LD Entertainment for a great giveaway. Today, their newest movie Dog Days is in theaters and we’ve heard it’s absolutely adorable. Because we love our four legged family members, we’re working with Dog Days for a great giveaway for our readers including stuff your four legged friends will love – and you can use the next time you go out for that walk together!

Read more about the film below and the prize package you can win as well!

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About Dog Days: 

Dog Days PosterFrom acclaimed production company LD Entertainment (The Zookeeper’s Wife, Jackie, and Megan Leavey) and Director Ken Marino comes Dog Days. Dog Days is a hilarious and heartfelt ensemble comedy that follows the lives of multiple dog owners and their beloved fluffy pals around sunny Los Angeles. When these human and canine’s paths start to intertwine, their lives begin changing in ways they never expected.

Would you like a Dog Days Prize Package? We’re giving one lucky reader a Dog Days prize package including:

  • Collapsible Dog Bowl (color may vary)
  • Doggy Bag Dispenser (color may vary)
  • Dog Bandana (color may vary) 
  • Adopt Love T-Shirt (size & color may vary)
  • $50 Fandango Gift Card to take your family to see DOG DAYS in theaters

Dog days giveaway

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below and tell us your pet adoption story! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


  1. I didn’t adopt my cat from a shelter – he was a stray who was being fostered by a friend of me. She had too many pets, so I decided to take him in.

  2. I adopted my cats Scully and Mo Mo from the Washington animal rescue league in 2009; they were such cute kittens! When they’re not chasing invisible monsters they love sitting on the couch or laying in the sun!

  3. My adoption story is more of a rescue one. I took in two, small, scared kittens that were dumped in the woods. They (Mickey and Maggie) came at a time when I didn’t think I wanted another pet. My beloved childhood cat, Ro had recently passed away and I didn’t want to feel that pain again. But after stumbling across Mickey and Maggie, there was no turning back. They needed me just as much as I needed them, so we rescued each other.

  4. Years ago before we had children we adopted a miniature poodle. He passed away but he was a wonderful dog that we treated like a baby.

  5. I had a coupon for a free bag of dog food, so I headed down to PetSmart. There was a rescue organization out front with a bunch of adorable dogs. I had no plans to add a new dog to the family, but there was one I just couldn’t put down so she came home with me. She is wonderful!

  6. We adopted our lab from WV. My husband drove down to get her and he also brought other dogs up that were scheduled to be adopted.

  7. We have never formally adopted a pet. If they are given to us or we find and the other doesn’t claim them, we just kept them and loved like our own.

  8. I adopted my pup from a lady who didn’t recognize that the pup wasn’t thriving. It took quite a few days to get the pup weight wise where it was supposed to be.

  9. I dont currently have a pet,they aren’t allowed where I live. But we had a pup when I was a kid. She was my best friend.

    • Ours was Molly (we think mostly a Jack Russel but a mix) we rescued her and and she gets along with our bigger dog (20 lbs vs 90 lbs) no problem. They are great together.

  10. I got my dog from a breeder but my grandparents rescued a toy poodle from a puppy farm with deplorable conditions. She named her Millie and they loved her like a child.

  11. Our cat Lila is adopted, she was a stray that almost was hit by a car. She was very tiny, too tiny to be away from her mama but we never found mama or the other kittens. We took her home and fed her, and she is now our almost year old resident hunter and gets along great with Roxy our pitbull.

  12. We adopted an adorable pit bull mix for my daughter. It’s a good thing she is cute because she was VERY high strung during her puppy years. Now 4 years old and finally calming down. Whew.

  13. I currently have a dog and a cat, both rescues that I adopted and I have always had rescues since I was a kid. My first dog was a rescue my siblings and I picked out from the shelter.

  14. Five years ago, I adopted my best friend. The shelter tried to talk me out of it because we had a cat at the house so I put her in her kennel and went home. I couldn’t sleep that night because I knew in my heart that I needed her in my life. We needed each other. I went back to the shelter the next day and took her home. She is a one-eyed Jack Russell Terrier named Day-Z. Day-Z has comforted family when my brother passed away, snuggled when family is sick, and provided smiles and fun for the entire neighborhood daily. Everyone who meets her loves her and her happy energy.

  15. The first time we adopted a pet was when I was about 9. My parents took us to a flea market and there was an adoption agency there with the cutest kittens. I’m pretty sure my parents did not plan to come home with a kitten but they did that day and I loved that cat!

  16. Day-Z was adopted and kept for two years. Then she was returned to the shelter. She was adopted again and kept for two years and returned to the shelter. I adopted her when she was 4 years old. She is now 9 years old. We have been together for 5 years and she is in her forever home with me!

  17. I have two cats. My oldest one is 9 and I found her in my front yard when she was about 5 weeks old and very sick. Took her to my vet and had to give her several medicines several times a day for the first month. My youngest is 2 years old and I adopted her from a rescue group that was located about 45 minutes away from my home. She was on display at the pet store that one of my friends is the manager of and my friend had been sending me photos and videos of her for about a week when I decided I needed to see her in person. When I got there my friend placed her in my arms and she immediately put her paws up on my shoulder and snuggled into me. I took her home that day!

  18. I was working at an animal shelter in Austin, Austin Pets Alive. After the tropical storm Harvey in Houston and there was abundance of abandoned animals, I decided to adopt our dog into the family. Her name is Toby and we love him!

  19. We adopted my cat jingles over a year ago. I’ve never been a cat person before but i fell in love with my baby she loves our kids to death she has brought nothing but joy into our home

  20. We adopted Figgy kind of by accident, or I guess I should say it was fate. We were going up to see another cat and he was gone and there was Figs. She was perfect. Best cat ever. Our Frenchie has a similar story, it was fate. She was destined to live here.

  21. I adopted my dog 7 years ago from a local shelter. It was not the dog I was looking to get but I feel in love with her the second I spent time with her!

  22. We adopted a dog who had been shot while crossing a farmers property. He was full of buckshot so the rescue named him Buckshot. We had many good years with him and ended up calling him Buck or Buckie.

  23. I got Jabba at the pound a few years ago. I opened the cage and he jumped into my arms and wouldn’t let me go. They say that the animal adopts you. He is my love!

  24. I am so glad you asked I never get to tell this story. Our little dog Tiny came to us by the use of a ham radio. I am not joking. Someone had her and her baby brother and sisters and with their bad health couldnt keep her. So we volunteered to take her in. It was the happiest day ever.

  25. Our last adopted pet was Link, a kitten. I would like to be able to say we adopted link but really Link adopted my son. Sleeps in his bed every night and they just adore each other. If Link misbehaves my son talks to him almost as though Link is his child. It is very cute.

  26. My dog wasn’t exactly adopted but she showed up at a neighbors house and they couldn’t keep her. They were going to take her to the pound so I brought her home. She is so loved!

  27. I don’t know if it’s called an adoption, but one of our friends gave us a puppy because he couldn’t take care of it.

  28. we have 2 dogs that we adopted from rescue groups. I saw both of their puppy pictures on the websites and knew they were for us.

  29. Right after I adopted Day-Z, we entered a contest to build a dog park in the area. We didn’t win, but we raised awareness to the city and finally got a small place for dogs to play safely (since Dayz was hit by car and lost her eye).

  30. i saw a woman trying to toss a little pug in a dumpster….she was screaming , shaking the poor little guy. I ran over and yelled, what are you doing?! She screamed, “I hate this dog! He is a bad dog and I’m throwin’ him away!” I reached out for him and she shoved him at me and stomped away…..that was six years ago. Now that skinny, frightened little pug is healthy, happy and loving every day. I didn’t want another dog, but he made me love him. 🙂

  31. i adopted both of my babies from teh cat county animal shelter 5 years ago it was love at first bark lol.they were mistreated and we had to work with them ,all they really needed was forever home and family that loved them ,they have brought me such joy !!

  32. I have two cats both were on the way to the pound but didn’t get there yet. My home county does you know not put them down, but I think you know, the sad part is if they keep them to long they send them to somewhere that does. Oh my.

  33. My dog originally belonged to my ex who has no business taking care of an animal. When we broke up my fur baby was all I wanted it was a lot of back and forth but in the end me and my fur baby lived happily ever after.

  34. I adopted my dog while living in Hawaii. Now that she’s in Indiana, she loves laying in direct sunlight and standing in front of the register during the winter!

  35. I rescued my Shih Tzu from the owner who was keeping him locked in a cage all day and night in his own filth, rarely letting him out. Best decision I ever made!!!!!

  36. My parent’s also rescued a dog named cuddles. She was a papillon and had THE cutest ears. She was a present for my brother for Christmas. Everyone loved her energy.

  37. My rescue dog has not only made my life so much better, but she has brightened up the entire neighborhood. I think the people on my street don’t know my name, but everyone knows (and loves) Day-Z.

  38. We saved our dog Hamish from an abusive situation. Was able to rescue from a shelter situation. Sweetest Westie that ever was!

  39. Shadow was a cat that was abused as a kitten. I saved him and brought him home. He had some difficulties due to walking and all, but was a great cat for the 14 years we had him.

  40. I adopted my two cats from a shelter after finding them on I have had them since they were 6 weeks old and they are now 10. Adopting an animal is one of the best things you can do! It will bring so much joy to your life.

  41. We found out Enzo had been taken back to the APL over a span of 1.5 years… he was having a hard time with other animals we brought him home and he was very very scared we took the time and the patience with him and to let you know he is with us know 8 years later and he is my Sons best friend!

  42. My current dog is a purebred that I got from a breeder (I know, I know, I should have gone to the shelter but I really wanted a beagle and it was Christmas time and the shelters in the area had no small dogs, let alone a beagle), however, the first dog I ever had was from a shelter. When I was 5 years old, my parents took me and my brother to a local Humane Society. As we walked in the front door, there was a fenced in area in the lobby with the cutest Cocker Spaniel puppy inside. We all instantly fell in love. To my surprise, my parents let us adopt him. We named him Tanner because he had tan colored fur. He was so kind and loving. He lived a long and happy life.

  43. a few years ago our beloved dog was very ill and had to be put down. the same day we went to the shelter and got another dog. She was living in the shelter for over 6 months. we brought her home and now she is our beloved dog. she is so sweet and so happy to not be in the shelter any more.

  44. the last time I actually adopted a cat was almost 20 years ago. I went looking for some siamese-y type cats I had seen advertised in the local paper, but ended up falling in love with a little black paw that reached out through the cage at me. Sweet tiny little black kitty some jerk had thrown in a campfire, he was missing all the fur on his back legs but still had the sweetest attitude. I worked for a vet at the time so the staff at the shelter were thrilled I wanted him since he would need some extra attention.
    I named him Phoenix.
    Such a great cat.

  45. I was with my best friend at a Super animal adoption event when they met their forever friend. The look on their faces as they were going to the car to go home was priceless.

  46. Our parents were great role models. All our pers growing up and encouraged my brothers and sisters to continue doing the same and we have?

  47. We got Odin dog after my beloved Thor passed away from a heart condition. We drove 3 hours to pick him up. Has not disappointed. He is everything you want a doggie to be. He is a cuddler and is very loyal!!!

  48. We found our Chaos, she had been dumped behind a grocery store. She has been our baby ever since. She is the sweetest of all dogs. 🙂

  49. I adopted Toby a black lab two years ago and my aunt flew in from Iowa to visit us in Florida and she and Toby bonded and I knew she was attached so I let Toby go home with her. She now doesn’t live alone anymore.

  50. My grand boys just adopted a darling little dog, they just moved to another state and they have always wanted a dog the parents thought this would be a good time for the boys to have a buddy and I’m sure the dog was happy to have them in his life too as a buddy and new home. They all seem to be very happy and loved!

  51. We adopted Brujita a kitten around Halloween when my son was 8. We named her Little Witch in Spanish because it was close to Halloween. Someone had left her in an apt. that had been abandoned upstairs from a friend’s house. The people had moved out like 3 weeks prior, but the building owner was out of the country. When she finally came we went upstairs with her as my friend who lived downstairs had said the bugs and odor was horrible. The lights had been shut off so it was dark, the place was filled with rotten trash, roaches, dead pet birds, dead fish, and a dead mama kitty and several babies. All that was left was a very weak kitten, which we took home and nursed back to health. We had her for 13 years or so before she passed away.

  52. I adopted my dog from a backyard breeder when he was 6 weeks old. He got alot bigger than they estimated but has stolen our hearts from day one. Our cat also came from a family who had a litter of kittens and needed to find homes for them.

  53. We adopted our dog Daisy from a neighbor who was moving into an apartment that did’t allow pets. She was a great dog.

  54. My dog had gotten out and ended up having to be put down after getting run over. Shortly after she was gone I ended up rescuing a boxer/hound mix that had spent 3 years chained outside and living on table scraps. He’s been spoiled rotten the last 4 months.

  55. We walked into the PAWS shelter looking for a puppy we saw online. We found out the puppy had been adopted and while disappointed, we had driven two hours and decided to look at the other dogs. There she was. She was the only one without papers on her cage, so no information, and the only one that didn’t rush up to greet us. She had my heart in a second. We found out she was two years old, no history except she was a runner that people had a hard time catching. They named her Tuesday and guessed her age at two years by her teeth. We were told she needed quiet, no kids. Skittish is a good word for her. Now Shuusei is five years old, loves playing with my grandchildren, and is the heart of our family. I can’t imagine a day without her.

  56. Our first rescue passed away about 4 months ago due to cancer. Our family just recently rescued a Ridgeback/Pit mix from the Baltimore Animal Rescue Shelter. My granddaughter named him Play-Doh.

  57. Tippy was a stray cat we found in RI, and I had to win his trust by feeding him until I could eventually get him into the house. Once there, he remained with us for quite some time, until we moved to Maine. Unfortunately he preferred the streets to staying home and while he had all his shots and everything he got some sort of disease from neighborhood feral cats and we had to put him down when he was 8.

  58. We have two rescue dogs that we adopted from Washington Animal Rescue League! They are both great and they are our kids best friends.

  59. My dog sorta adopted me.He was a stay that decided he wanted to live with me.I posted his mug all over Facebook,and reported him to to 2 county humane societies,but no one claimed him.He has become the best dog I have ever owned.I must admit,if I had gone to adopt,I would have probably passed him by,He’s a tiny little thing,a pure Chi,but he his heart far out weighs his body.I didn’t even know I was lost until he found me.

  60. I searched far and wide for my little guy.. Checked web pages, constantly looking at different site. One day there he was. Drove over 12 hours each way to get him

  61. I found my casper in a cage in the corner being hidden because he wasnt a kitten. He is my best friend and I am so happy I chose him over a younger cat!

  62. We adopted 2 baby kittens that were on the kill list. I just couldn’t let that happen. I would take every one if I could.

  63. My latest is Kyrah, a pit mix that I adopted after she was thrown from a moving car by someone. She’s very tolerant and a mommas girl.

  64. We haven’t adopted a pet from a shelter but we have been adopted by many pets. People are always giving away puppies and kittens. There are also always pets that are left or lost. I think Destiny or cat was left when the neighbors moved away. She came to our house.

  65. Living in the country we’ve taken in several cats that were sick and malnourished and kept them, we are up to 7 now. I hope this counts!

  66. We didn’t technically adopt, but there was an old
    Dog who was a stray who always came around and my grandpa used to feed him all the time. Well we lost my grandpa a little over a year ago but about 6 months ago the dog started coming back around to my grandparents house but my grandma isn’t really able to tend to him so we took him in. Unfortunately he didn’t make it but a few months. He was very old and very sick.

  67. So, last Christmas my friend found some puppies for sale. She wanted to get her daughter a puppy. i said hey can i come? I was depressed and thought the puppies would make me feel better. Well we get there and this one puppy was scared and shaking and smaller than her bothers and sisters. Well she saw me and ran right to me. That was it, i was in love haha. Luna has been a great addition to our family.

  68. My baby Piper needed a home and although we already had two dogs and were not looking for a third, I could not leave her. I am so glad she is part of our family.

  69. We adopted our dog George from a home of a neighborhood lady and he’s the best dog we have ever had. Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Heidi is a rescue dog. Our previous dog Hope died suddenly and I had never been without a dog before and the grief was overwhelming. We mourned for three weeks and there happened to be a new pet adoption fair happening and we adopted Heidi, who really rescued us!


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