Win a Copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas Collectors Edition with a Limited Edition Pin

Win a Copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas Collectors Edition with a Limited Edition Pin

It’s that perfect time of year to start getting into the holiday spirit. Which holiday? Well, that’s completely up to you! The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those rare movies that spans from Halloween through Christmas (and a few other holidays in between) and can really be enjoyed any time of year. And there’s a special Collector’s Edition that was just released – and we’re celebrating with a fun giveaway!

Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration continues with the exciting release of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Included is the re-mastered film, on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray Disc, and digital code.

The Nightmare Before Christmas can be found at Walmart offering an exclusive collectible pin in stores now!

About The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Experience The Nightmare Before Christmas, the fun-filled musical fantasy from Disney and creative genius Tim Burton, with this spirited, full-length, Sing-Along Edition! Featuring a marvelous mix of memorable characters and 11 ghoulishly captivating songs by Danny Elfman—it’s frightful fun for the whole family.

How Can You Win?

We’re giving away two copies of The Nightmare Before Christmas with a limited edition pin – to enter just answer the question below on this page!

Who is your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character? Or What is your favorite part of the movie?

Winners will be selected and emailed on October 6th. Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize or new winners will be selected.


    • Sally is my all time favourite because she fell in love with jack and when jack was concentrating on finding out what christmas is, sally was the one who was watching over him and taking care of him, even though she lived with a evil scientists who wouldn’t let her leave, she will always find away of to go and see jack even if she had to through herself out the window and saw herself back together again, and not only that jack had no idea he had someone watching over him during the times where he tried to think of what christmas was, sally was the one who made his picnik basket and watched over him even through the bad things as she knew it wasn’t a good idea to take over christmas she was still there for him and that is what true love is ❤ my favourite part of the movie would have to be when he goes through the christmas door and sings what’s this, what’s this, is my all time favourite song ❤

  1. My fave has to be Jack! He’s just a cool guy. Lol. I was lucky enough to meet him at a party in Magic Kingdom and he was one of my favorite character meets. He wished me a “Most Dreadful Holiday”! Lol

  2. I like the Trick or Treaters — Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They group together as the three children spending all their time as a trio causing issues for everyone with their mischievous behavior. October is right around the corner so Happy Halloween Everyone. 🙂

  3. Jack Skellington is my favorite! My favorite part of the movie is when he lands in the snow and starts singing “What’s this?” The Nightmare Before Christmas is my grandson and my favorite movie. We watch it together all year long!

    • Zero is my fave, I decided in 1993 that someday I’d have a white dog named Zero, and it came true in 2016. She’s my ride or die, just like Zero is to Jack in the movie. 💓

  4. Sally is such a good character she wants to feel loved but at the same time Dr. Finkelstein is to over protected over her but with sally she does not let that stop her from getting what she wants but the ending is so sweet cause she finally can be happy and free knowing she will be safe and loved by jack.

  5. Sally is such a good character she wants to feel loved but at the same time Dr. Finkelstein is to over protected over her but with sally she does not let that stop her from getting what she wants but the ending is so sweet cause she finally can be happy and free knowing she will be safe and loved by jack💙

  6. Sally is my favorite. She is misunderstood. A loner under control of someone and all she wants is love the true love that every person experiences I don’t particularly have a favorite part the whole movie books comics are all masterpieces

  7. Obviously Jack is my favorite.
    My favorite scene in the movie is the beginning, that’s the best part. And the kids opening the presents and the calls for the police, those scenes.

  8. My favorite part of the movie is after Jack gets shot down from the sky and falls to the Earth and slowly realizes his mistake. He returns to being happy who he is and not being able to wait till next year for new scary surprises. I can’t possibly pick a favorite character out of this movie because I like them all equally for different reasons.

  9. Jack is my favorite character, so much so I named my oldest Jack. His determination but willingness to apologize at the end really made me hope my son would always look at the world with such amazement and excitement to try new things.

  10. My favorite character of Nightmare Before Christmas has to Sally. Her story was so sad but she kept on helping Jack no matter what. She is a character that I can relate to on being unheard but still keeping a positive attitude.

  11. Oogie Boogie 🪳🕷🪱🪲
    My favorite scene is either “This is Halloween” or any scene that Oogie Boogie is in 🎃💀

  12. I love all the characters but Oogie causes enough chaos in Halloween town to keep Jack on his toes. His battle with Jack at the end is my favorite part gambling setting duel with “my bugs my bugs” as Oogie is defeated.

  13. The Mayor is my favourite! I just find him hilarious. He is so dramatic but so dedicated to all things halloween. My favourite scene is definitely when he goes to see Jack about next Halloween plans and freaks out when he doesn’t answer the door and ends up rolling down the stairs.

  14. Oogie boogie,I didn’t like him at first as a kid but as i got older some how he’s now my favorite character.i think he’s a misunderstood character

  15. Although they had a short run in the movie, I loved Lock, Shock, and Barrel. I love how they crossed their fingers and ended up shoving Santa Claus down to Oogie Boogie, even after Jack told them not to. Like, they took Jack’s words and added their own twist to them by promising to do what was asked of them to make Santa Claus comfortable ha ha ha ha ha

  16. I love the part of the movie when Jack discovers the Christmas town/area/the North Pole and his whole song about his confusion over the Christmas town/area. I loved the confusion yet joy Jack shows of discovering something new he may be able to use to improve Halloweentown.

  17. My favorite character is Sally. She’s patient with Jack even after she senses the bad that’s coming. She is still there for him at the end of it all

  18. One of my favorite characters is the Mayor, he is so funny and he kind of reminds me of myself.
    My favorite scene though, is probably when Jack crash lands in the graveyard. It was so pretty and it was really eye opening for Jack, I loved it.

  19. I love it when Jack the skeleton after getting struck down, realizes that he had it all wrong and he is the King of Halloween 🎃 and wants to make things right.

  20. Barrell lol he’s always acting a fool and he comes up with the funniest ideas or when he emptied the tub before lock and shock jump on lmfao

  21. So many good characters to choose from. But of course the Pumpkin King is my favorite. Jack had so much character development especially when he went to Christmas Town. This cult classic will forever be one of my favorite claymation movies.

  22. My favorite characters are all of them and I know all the words and songs this is my #1 favorite movie of all time Tim burton did a fabulous job on all his movies but this one is my favorite

  23. My favorite is Sally! Because no matter what her inside are made of or how she came to be, she just wasn’t too live like everyone else, and love like everyone else. By she has a tyrant trying dim her glow and hide her.

  24. Jack skeleton is my favorite character. With out him wanting something new. He will never find the holiday trees that lead him to Christmas town. Santa claws wouldn’t have been captured by lock,shock, barrel to in the end hand to oggie boogie. Figure out after almost dieing that he didn’t new something new. He had everything he needs and to lison to the people around him to make Halloween great. With out Jack we won’t have the nightmare before Christmas movie that we all love.

  25. Easily, Sally is my favorite character. Not only does she take a rational look at the situations around her, but she seems to not quite fit in with the spooky beings around her, yet cares for them regardless and endures whatever is thrown at her. Her love for Jack Skellington is amazing, and well defined subtly through the movie. So much love for that darling girl.

  26. Jack is my favorite character and I think that my favorite part of the movie is “Poor Jack” because that’s when he realizes that he doesn’t need to do crazy extravagant things to fill the empty space inside of him, the thing that he was looking for has been right in front of him the entire time!

  27. Jack is my favorite character and my favorite scene is probably “Poor Jack” because that’s when his character arch kicks in ad he realizes the thing that he was looking for has been right in front of him the entire time.

  28. Jack is my favorite!! And, my favorite part of the movie is when Jack walks up the twisted hillside singing. Sally watches Jack with so much love from a distance as Jack slowly climbs the spiral hill with the full moon illuminating behind him and his ghost puppy, Zero.

  29. I can’t pick just one favorite character or parts in the movie. I love Jack & Sally ,Zero and Vampire Teddy, they are my favorite characters. As for parts of the movie it will have to be the songs and the ending with Jack and Sally on Spiral Hill.

  30. My love for Nightmare Before Christmas has never died! I’ve been a long time fan since I was a little girl and today I’m 38. My room AND bathroom are Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s a family tradition of ours to watch the movie whenever we want, especially during the holidays! My all time favorite part is when Jack and Sally sing together! It’s magical!

  31. My favorite part of the movie is when Jack discovers Christmas for the first time and starts singing “Whats This?”
    I love how excited he is about his newfound discovery <3

  32. I’d have to say my favorite character is Jack Skellington the Sally is beautiful and Oogie is pretty cool.
    And as for favorite scene I’d have to say probably the same between Jack and Oogie down in Oogie’s place.
    I love the movie so much that I ended up getting Jack and Sally tattoos.

  33. Sally is my ultimate favorite. She’s the only one that see the reality of it all and has always had Jack’s back when everyone else simply does what he says. Like Santi Claws said “She is the only one that makes sense around here”. My favorite part is when Jack goes into Oogies lair to save Sally and Santa Claus.

  34. I like Boogie’s boys Lock Shock and Barrel more now as an adult. Jack and Sally were my favorite growing up. Favorite part of the movie is when the Christmas presents terrorize the people lol.

  35. Hi! Truth is, I couldn’t decide on one favorite character 😅
    But I believe my favorite part of the movie is when all of Halloween Town is “making Christmas” 🎃🎄

  36. Mine would have to be Jack singing “Jacks Lament” my favorite part is “And since I am dead I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotation”

    Currently getting a tattoo of Jack holding his head up!!

  37. I will say jack and zero as well I have a theory that zero dog and jack are connected to frankenweenie, the corpse bride and my number 1 movie the night before Christmas, it’s them before they die that’s my Easter egg haha theory. I like the part where jack goes to the cemetery 🪦 🪦 calls out for zero to sing the song jack the pumpkin king 👑

  38. This is the one movie all of my kids and I can watch together without any complaints. Our home is filled with different toys and trinkets from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Zero is my favorite!

  39. My favorite part is after the 1st Halloween celebration when everyone is congratulating Jack on another impressive performance, at one point one of the witches is humping Jack’s leg. (LOL, was a hilarious moment for me)
    SALLY is my favorite character (very relatable)

  40. I love all the characters but i do have to say Sally is definitely my favorite! I am a huge fan of this movie since I was a kid and now my kids and I enjoy watching it all the time! I can’t really say I have a favorite part in the movie because the entire movie is a 20/10 all around!

  41. My favorite part of the movie is Jack and Sally at the end with the big yellow moon on swirl mountain. They are simply meant to be! A beautiful love story of Sally always being right in front of Jack and he finally realized he loves her too! She was the missing hole in his heart!

  42. O man I can’t pick one ! Oogie boogie jack and Sally
    Favorite part is the whole movie! Definitely a classic to watch over n over again one of my top favorites

  43. My favorite character from nightmare before christmas is oogie boogie and my favorite part of the movie had to be when oogie boogie was messing with Santa Claus and sally.

  44. Oogie Boogie is my favorite! I love his songs, and Jack’s songs, they’re amazing! Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite movie ever lol

  45. Sally is my favorite!! My favorite part is when Jack walks up the spiral hill singing and Sally is looking from a distance, that big moon is just so beautiful!

  46. My favorite character is Zero, my favorite part is when Jack is singing to Sally as he walks up the hillside with the moon in the background.

  47. Sally is my favorite. She just wants to be understood and accepted as she is and honestly reading the book version, I grow to adore her even more her role in jacks life is so major and he doesn’t even realize it! Truly an amazing character. ♡

  48. Jack skellington is my favorite..
    And probably my favorite part is the song this is Halloween.. I just love that song and the characters and introducing themselves 😍

  49. Lock, Shock, and Barrel! I just love the oogie boys! I’ve loved this movie since I can remember seeing it! I use to fall asleep to it. Most magical movie ever!

  50. Oogie boogie is my favorite character it’s just the way he had this game show feel to his parts of the movie I feel like he would be such an amazing but scary game host on the other hand the way they made him to be made entirely out of creepy bugs and insects is such a great detail about him being the Halloween villian.

    My favorite part of the movie is Jack smelling tons song upon discovering the Christmas world, the concept of this spooky and creepy character in a happy and cheerful world brings me back to when Jason was in the middle of times square in Jason takes Manhattan brought back some real good memories and the fact that he managed to keep himself hidden when everything was lit up is honestly amazing

  51. Absolutely love Jack and the nightmare before Christmas my all time favorite I’m 35 years old and I have watched this movie since I was little.. even better my little one is a big fan too

  52. Jack skellington is my favorite, because he went from getting tired of doing the same thing over and over, to figure something out that’ll make him happy and he pushed for that.

  53. I can’t pick just one, I love them all!! Remember my son driving me nuts 🤪 with the constant watching of this movie. Just watched it last weekend with my granddaughter. Love it!!


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