Wild Kratts Show Super Speed in Super Sprinters!

wild kratts super sprinters review

wild kratts super sprinters reviewThe Wild Kratts are big in our house, not only does the PBS Kids show teach about animals, but the Kratts brothers are a lot of fun to watch. Goonie loves the Wild Kratts so much, he even saw them live earlier this year! So we were super excited when PBS Kids sent us a copy of the new dvd Super Sprinters and the Animal Power Set: Cheetah Power!

wild kratts super sprinters reviewAre Cheetahs the fastest ground animal in the world? That’s what we’ve always been told! But the Wild Kratts brothers Chris and Martin put it to the test and see if there is anything faster in the animal kingdom, or even their vehicles. Their experiments teach them about the Peregrine Falcone – the world’s fastest animal and they learn what it’s like to fly at 240 Mph!

The DVD is full of great animal facts, fun animations, and information to keep your kids (and you) entertained! We love having this in our collection and with the Animal power set, we can insert the disc in our power suit and run like a cheetah too!

Wild Kratts: Super Sprinters has a total run time of 60 minutes and includes two adventures:

  • Cheetah Racer
  • Falcon City

You can find Wild Kratts: Super Sprinters on DVD and the Wild Kratts Animal Power Set Cheetah Power on Amazon and in stores near you!


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