Wild Kratts Panda-monium Teaches Kids More About Giant Pandas

wild kratts panda-monium review

wild kratts panda-monium review

The Giant Panda is always a favorite for people when they see them at a zoo, and they’re extremely fascinating creatures. In the new Wild Kratts DVD out later this week Panda-Monium, the Wild Kratts help teach kids more about these beautiful animals and other panda and creatures as well. PBS sent us a copy of Panda-monium to check out before it came out, and the DVD features four great episodes about some neat animals. The mixture between animation and live action captivates kids and includes amazing facts they’ll remember for years to come. The new DVD will give them a glimpse at rare animals they wont always see at the zoo and spark their love for nature.

Episodes  Include:

  • Panda Power Up! While checking out the endangered giant panda, the Wild Kratts get stranded in the bamboo forests of China without having power for any of their vehicles or equipment. They must figure out how to ‘power up’ in time to help save the pandas, who are being turned into roboticized stuffed toys by the nefarious villain, Zach Varmitech. An ‘ancient panda secret’ just might lead to the creature power that will restart their engines and save the pandas.
  • Red Panda Rescue” Chris finds a little lost Red panda, but before she can be reunited with her mother, Zach steals her as a birthday present for Donita Donata. It’s Wild Kratts to the rescue!
  • The Colors of China” While hanging out with golden pheasants in China, Martin and Chris wonder how important color is for creatures. But when Donita Donata begins to steal animals and remove their color, they soon discover just how critical it is for survival. It’s a race to stop Donita and get color back into the creature world!
  • Snowy Owl Invasion” Martin and Chris are hanging out in China with their giant panda friend Stuffo when they receive reports of snowy owls showing up all over North America. Since these raptors live in the Arctic, it’s up to the Wild Kratts to solve the mystery of the snowy owl invasion!

PANDA-MONIUM will be available on DVD April 11, 2017. The DVD run time is approximately 120 minutes and is rated TV-Y.


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