Wild Kratts: Australian Adventures Comes to DVD!

Wild Kratts: Australian Adventures review

Wild Kratts: Australian Adventures reviewThe Wild Kratts are huge in our family, so we’re always excited to see when a new show or collection comes out for us to enjoy. Goonie loves them so much he’s seen the Wild Kratts in person and gets excited to watch the show and learn about different animals.

Wild Kratts: Australian Adventures reviewPBS Kids is releasing an all new collection of Wild Kratts episodes and send us a copy of the new DVD to check out – Wild Kratts: Australian Adventures. In the new collection, the brothers go down to Australia to learn about the different animals that you can only find there. On this adventure they decide to venture out without their Creature Power Suits, which means they wont have the powers of the animals like they usually do! The new adventures explore red kangaroos, Koalas and the fun platypus cafe! Like other Wild Kratts shows the new DVD is a mix between animation and live shots, but overall it’s full of fun! And be on the look out for new toys related to the adventures including the adorable plush koala!

Wild Kratts: Australian Adventures will be on DVD on January 5th, has a total run time of 60 minutes and is rated TV-Y. The movie includes two new adventures Koala Balloon and Kickin’ it with the Roos, with a special Bonus Feature of Platypus Cafe. Learn all about the outback and take exciting new adventures with the Wild Kratts brothers!


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