Why You Want to Book that Trip to Mackinac Island This Year

Fort Mackinac Mackinac Island Michigan

Planning your dream trip doesn’t have to be expensive. You can have a beautiful trip, as well as fun for cheap, Mackinac Island is a beautiful place for a get away. With everything happening in the world, the shops and the hotels are taking special precautions for your health and safety.

The island is in itself is a tourist’s dream getaway. It’s beauty and Victorian life style remains the highlight of the island. No cars are allowed on the island. Only horse and buggy, or bicycle are permitted. The island has a mystery about it. Everywhere you visit on the island has such great history, it leaves you wanting to know more. You have to take an approx. 15 minute ferry ride to the island. It is a beautiful a scenic ride, with great views of the Mackinac Bridge. The best get away you could have would take place on this gorgeous island. There is so many fudge shops, and little trinkets shops in the downtown area. You will spend your day shopping and walking.

You get to see all the unique bikes that are on the island. You can visit the Fort Mackinac where the war took place. It costs a few dollars, but well worth the tour. Cannons are shot off at various times of the day. If you are standing close by the vicinity, you WILL jump. War demonstrations are given there as well. You can take carriage drawn tours, with big groups or alone. A walk down old beaten paths is always a fun and unique venture on the island. Island maps are available in downtown with all paths maps as well.

The restaurants there are delicious, and very welcoming. To walk along the beach at night is a option for romance. You can stay at many of the bed and breakfasts on the island. If you choose not to stay on the island. St. Ignace on the northern part of the bridge, or Mackinac City on the southern part of the bridge, offer hotels/motels/cabins/campgrounds all over.

The location couldn’t be more perfect for a get away, and really the whole time can be planned so cheap. The cost varies on the hotels/motels, etc. Nothing is out of reason though. The places to visit that require payment, is well worth it and really very cheap. Your trip will be beautiful and full of memories if you chose Mackinac Island for your destination.



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