Why You Need to Get Motorcycle Insurance

Why You Need to Get Motorcycle Insurance

As the weather begins to warm up, motorcycle owners may be starting to think about finally being able to get out on their bikes, enjoying the warmer weather and the sense of freedom that riding a motorcycle can bring. 

However, having a motorcycle is not risk-free. If you don’t have the correct level of bike insurance then you may be putting yourself in danger. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in motorcycle insurance this year.

It is Required by Law 

In many states, having motorcycle insurance is a legal requirement. Riders must purchase at least a minimum amount of insurance coverage and to be able to provide proof of such before being able to get their licence plates. Not having the right level of insurance means you will be riding illegally which can lead to certain consequences such as expensive fines. 

Insurance Can Give Your Peace of Mind 

Having motorcycle insurance to cover both you and your vehicle means that you can rest easy knowing that you have the coverage you need in case of an accident. You will be protected from liability instead of having to spend time worrying about the potential of losing money. Your insurance policy is designed to help to protect you and your investment. 

Even if you’re doing all you can to obey traffic laws and to operate your motorcycle carefully, accidents still happen. If one of those accidents causes injury to another person, you will be expected to cover the costs of the damages caused. However, having a good insurance policy will make sure you have a good amount of liability coverage that your insurance company will help to cover the costs. 

Protect Your Investment with Motorcycle Insurance 

In the event of an accident, you also want to make sure that you have coverage that protects the vehicle itself, as well as from the liability. When your vehicle gets damaged or destroyed, your insurance policy can help to provide the funds needed to repair or replace your motorcycle. So it is incredibly important to make sure that your vehicle coverage offers this same benefit, instead of just liability insurance which won’t protect your vehicle. 

What do I need to know before buying a motorcycle insurance policy? 

Your basic insurance coverage ensures that you’re covered in the event of an accident –covering both your liability and vehicle damage. 

However it is worth looking into and exploring  what extras might be worth paying a slightly higher rate for. Extras that you may want to look into could range from the addition of a roadside rescue service to covering some of the costs of repairs. 

In the long run, it may actually save you money to move away from old methods of paying for your insurance. 

There are some insurance companies that charge people less money if they pay via automated credit or debit card payments. Automatic payments also mean that you won’t risk missing any payments and losing your insurance coverage! 

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