Why Week99er is Not For Sale

week99er is not for sale


Over the last couple months I’ve been receiving emails asking how much I would sell my website for. At first I laughed, scoffed and rolled my eyes. I’ve received emails like this in the past, and they only offered me a few hundred dollars. Let’s be serious here – while extra cash in my pocket might be nice for a couple days, the amount of work that I’ve put into this website is worth more than that!

Blog On

Besides the website being filled with custom graphics, my photography, my writing and my voice – I spend hours a day, several late nights a week working on the blog. It may not always mean a new post every day, but I spend just as much time talking with brands, networking, and answering emails.

But it’s beyond that, what monetary value can you put on a website that is its own brand? Has it’s own voice? Has readers and followers that not only come to the website daily but some have even become friends. What price can you put on that?

Yes, having a blog can be a lot of work. I spend a lot of hours and nights in front of my PC and even more in the kitchen. But am I willing to sell that for a bit of spending cash? Doubtful. We all have a price, and a point we would give in at, and the offers are no where near there. If they ever get there – it’d be a choice that would have to be made as a family. And I’m talking two or three commas in that number. But until then, I’m happy here! I’ll slow down and blog on.

Thank you to my readers for being here, and I’ll keep bloggin’!


  1. I am so glad to hear this– I wouldn’t know what to do without you– information, ect– beside it just wouldn’t be the same here


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