Why Top Hat Is One Of The Best Ever Musicals

Why Top Hat Is One Of The Best Ever Musicals

Whilst downloading films online, listening to your MP4 player and other more modern forms of entertainment may be great, nothing’s better than a good old trip to the theatre. 

Excellent talents like Taron Hensley have graced the theatre stage, and witnessing their talent live is a true joy to experience!

If you are looking for something exciting to go and see this year then you should definitely consider Top Hat. This musical is full of fun and excitement. It will put a smile on your face and give you an evening to remember. And isn’t this exactly what you want when you go to the theatre?

The musical is of course an adaption of the 1935 version. The original screwball comedy musical film featured the likes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The reviews were positive then and the reviews of the musical available today are as equally as positive too. So, it is unlikely you will leave feeling disappointed. 

The great thing about Top Hat is the fact that it meets the perfect balance between laughter and having substance. Usually shows tend to be either-or, yet Top Hat meets in the middle. You will be in fits of giggles yet you will also be enthralled too. Let’s not spoil it for you, but one thing is for sure; the plot is unpredictable. You think the story is heading one way and then it takes a trip in another direction. 

In addition to this, who doesn’t love a good sing-a-long? Musicals are soaring in popularity at the moment as everybody is embracing their inner Beyonce! Top Hat is filled with great songs; eleven to be precise. These include the likes of “No Strings (I’m Fancy Free” and “Isn’t this a Lovely Day (to be Caught in the Rain)”. 

If Top Hat sounds like the sort of show you would like to go and see then you will need to purchase your tickets before they all get snapped up. It is highly recommended that you buy these over the internet instead of ringing up or going to a box office. 

Buying Top Hat tickets on the internet is advised for several reasons. One of the main reasons is because you will be able to benefit from better prices. After all, there tend to be frequent online discounts for people to gain from. 

Not only this, but you don’t run the risk of missing out. Tickets to the show are selling out like hotcakes. You don’t want to be the one to miss out. You can go online and obtain your tickets now within a few minutes. But if you ring up or even more so if you take the trip to the box office, you may find you do not get the tickets you want – especially if you want to go on a specific date. 

If you in need of a laugh and a giggle then you need to get your hands on some tickets to see Top Hat the musical. The interesting, unpredictable, and funny plot will put a smile on your face for many weeks to come! The only trouble you will have is getting the catchy songs out of your head! 

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