Why old games have more replay value than old cinema

Why old games have more replay value than old cinema

It’s natural to want to migrate from old experiences to new ones. Doing something the second time around can feel repetitive and maybe even boring. There’s always new material on the market, whether video games or movies, so why stick to the oldies, right?

However, several people enjoy replaying old games or rewatching old movies. Imagine classics like the 1997 Titanic movie or the Super Mario console game. While both are great, old games may hold greater replay value than old movies. This is because of certain attributes of games that are lacking in films.

Active participation in games as opposed to movies

Gaming is more engaging than cinema. The higher level of engagement isn’t due to better storylines or character development, as movies trump in those regards. Instead, games involve active participation from the audience, and most times, you get to be the main character. Even online real slots with minimalistic plots have a high replay value because you get to spin the reel and feel the anxiety of waiting for an outcome firsthand.

Old games, like old movies, don’t have the best graphics, but while you view a situation from another’s perspective in the latter, you view it from a first-person angle in the former. For example, narrating your experiences requires first-person speech, and you feel a stronger connection to your video game character because you lived it.

As a result of these factors, video games have a higher replay value. You may not want to be a fly on the wall the second time around but getting to play the main character is a fantastic incentive to go back to an old game.

Games allow you to affect the outcome

This is probably the biggest reason why the best games never get tiring. You can influence the outcome, and the ending isn’t set in stone. Jack will always die after the shipwreck in Titanic, so rewatching the movie can hardly give a better experience than the first time. On the other hand, the outcome of a game depends on how well you play, each step you take, or even the randomness of luck, as in the case of online casino games. 

Knowing that you can affect the outcome gives a mental awareness that you can do better if you play a second, third, or fourth time. This mental awareness is the driving force to replay the game and achieving a different outcome (even if only in the slightest) is the value.

Final thoughts

Both movies and games offer significantly different experiences. One is a vicarious thrill. The other provides first-person experiences where you’re the protagonist.

One can only ever have the same outcome, and the other creates new situations based on your influence. It is for this reason that movies tend to draw diminishing interest over time, but classic games never wane in popularity.

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