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womens march on Washington

womens march on Washington
I’m not a very political person – that’s probably why I’ve never posted about them on the site. But I have always been a person of strong convictions. I’ve been a feminist as long as I can remember. Not the bra burning, male bashing feminist that the media portrays. Instead, I’m more the equal right kind of feminist. I don’t feel like my gender defines my roles, limits me or makes me less qualified for certain things. The only limits in my life are the ones I put on myself.

As this post is going live, I’m on the road somewhere between Detroit and Washington D.C. For the first time in my life I feel motivated to march for my rights, your rights and the equal rights for everyone. In my past, I’ve only participated in candle light vigils but nothing remotely political. While there is a political undertone for the Women’s March on Washington – that isn’t the main reason I’m marching.

I’m marching for equal rights – for everyone.

I’m marching for our future and in remembrance of everyone who has marched before me.

I’m marching for basic civil rights of all citizens in our country, and what rights we have been promised by our Constitution.

I’m marching because I won’t be told what to do with my body, or stand by while my autonomy is taken away.

I’m marching for my friends of different races, religions and belief structures. Our country was formed on religious freedom, and I believe that is a right we should protect.

I’m marching because for the first time in my thirty-some-odd years, I feel compelled to make a stand. Not stand by and watch. I feel like my voice needs to be heard and I need to be there to do it. There are so many reason I’m marching, but these are only a handful.

There are sister marches happening simultaneously tomorrow, and together, throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of women and men are standing together. We’re standing up against what we feel is wrong and for what we believe is right. I hope to see some of you there tomorrow, but if you cannot make it, be sure to follow along on social media.

For more information on the Women’s March on Washington visit their website.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” – V for Vendetta



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