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Why big economy countries should correlate with Australian Start-up approach

The fourth industrial revolution is on its way, and business industries are changing. We see that technologies have the power to replace humans with decent jobs. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, and we wonder, “Is my job safe”?

Latest studies show alarming facts

Well, most recent study shows that our jobs are not in safe hands. The biggest threat from AI is indeed for telemarketers. We already see many AI systems calling and offering regular people products/services. So, most of those positions will be gone in the next decade. BBC published interesting research where researchers found that AI/robots will replace 1.5 million jobs in England.

How big economies should fight against the side effects of the fourth industrial revolution? Technological development is indeed the biggest achievement humankind ever had, but everything has side effects. Replacing humans with AI is inevitable; therefore, there are many side effects of technology. The Australian government has already shown that they have a plan to fight against “malware” of the 21st century.

What’s so unique in the Australian approach?

First of all, the new industrial revolution can be used positively. Replacing some percentage of jobs is inevitable, but Australians are creating jobs that never existed. Before we head to reviewing start-up based jobs, let’s take a look at the economy of Australia. How they are strengthening the economy and budget to be ready for any side effects;

Adapting to new technologies

Australia is the first one of those countries that opened doors to technological development. We have seen transformations of business industries with the help of technologies.

Healthcare, Real Estate, Gaming Industry – Everything is adapted to new technologies

Australia was the first to create a legal framework for gaming industries. Millions of tourists visit the country for simple Casino systems. The Australian government was also first to enable new payment options – Crypto. Online casinos Australia was indeed the first to accept BTC payments and keep progress along with the industrial revolution. New changes increased the percentage of economy income from Casinos. And that’s the easiest way to use technological development to power up economy country. 

Healthcare and other industries are very tech-friendly in Australia. The economy of the country is growing because we see much more impact of AI into different social sectors of Australia.

Start-ups that create jobs in new fields.

Along with strengthening the economy with AI and new tech achievements, Australian Start-ups are creating new jobs for humans. According to the latest study, Australian Start-ups have created up to 10 000 posts in relatively new sectors. Author of research, Alex Gruszka, says that most of the jobs from new Start-ups have never existed before. Alex mentioned that the number of start-ups is growing every year, and the country will see considerable difference in 2019.

Big economy countries’ strategy should correlate with the Australian approach. Without strengthening the economy and creating new jobs in never-existed fields, any economy will fall in the next decade.

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