Why be frugal?

1950's housewife
1950s housewife
When I was younger I expected name brand everything – much to my parents dismay. But when I got out on my own I realized how expensive things were and suddenly, like magic, was ok with store brands.

I went through college and grad school, working and paying bills. Then lost it all. Ok – yes, I still have my education and the debt to prove it. So with what little income I have, must be stretched as far as possible.

Last week I went home for Thanksgiving, and while the Turkey-dactyl my mom purchased was cooking I ran up to the convenience store to grab a paper with my Black Friday ads. As I stood in line I stood there and watched in horror as a woman overpaid…

She had a pint of milk, and four individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper. Her total $14…

If you could have heard my jaw drop you would have. I struggle from month to month with my bills and getting groceries. $14 to me is a gallon of milk, some butter and eggs and gas for the car. I cannot imagine spending that much on a bulk thing of toilet paper, let alone 4 individual rolls.

It put it in perspective for me why I take the time to coupon, to deal hunt. The little bit of money I make is precious and doesn’t come around very often! So I will take the time to clip a coupon, price match, do matchups and be frugal. Waste not, want not.

I never envisioned I would work from the home, or be a domestic diva baking from scratch all the time. That I wouldn’t actually get the career promised by all of those college programs and professors. Despite that, I’m much happier for it. And I’ll stay frugal even after I hit the lottery (I think I need to start playing!)

So just a small cautionary tale for the day! Being frugal takes some work, but it’s worth the savings in the long run. 1950’s housewife


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