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Why Are People Flocking to Microbreweries?

Have you noticed there is an uptick in Microbreweries in your area? In Michigan, they have become a booming industry that is only rivaling the wineries that dot our coast. And it seems that each month, one or two more open up in our small town.

But have you wondered why people are love craft beer? What is the appeal when you could just pick up a case of the major brand at the store.

Variety of Tastes

Each microbrewery will offer their own spin on craft beer. That is, they’re making their own small batches of beer in their own way. Of course they are following the standards required by law, but each craft beer will have it’s own recipe and own spin. So that means, every blend will have it’s own taste – own style and each microbrewery will be a different experience. Think of it like wine, every variety has it’s own flavor, own mouth feel and will be different on your tongue.

New Locations to Check Out

Much like wineries, micro-breweries have a variety of settings. The ones that are popping up near me are small shops and often offer tours of their tanks and show you how every craft brew is made. They may not tell you their recipe – but they will tell you how they got started. If it’s Dragonsmead, Baffin or Melvin Brewing – each will offer a different experience while you are there.

Your craft beer may come from a micro-brewery that is in the middle of a city, one that is sitting next to a small lake or in the middle of a wooded area. Each has it’s own style and flair, and part of the fun is checking them out. You may find a new craft brew at the store and it could send you on a trip to a new location.


Much like heading to a winery, going to a microbrewery or sharing craft beers is something that is actually something best shared with friends. It could be a great way for you to add to your social circle or to change up what date night actually looks like. Sharing and finding new craft beers has become part of a fun subculture and it may be a fun new way for you to change your evening or weekend plans.

From a change of pace, to change of venue and different varieties to try – craft beer is now a huge part of our culture and one that you may want to look into. There are still new microbreweries opening every day, and that means just more to try and add to your collection. Be sure to be on the look out for a craft beer trail popping up in your area that may even expose you to more that you didn’t know where near you.

So put back that case of the same beer you’ve bought for years, and go and try local flavors and find a new favorite to your stock your fridge with. They might be the next hit at the beach with your family.

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