Who’s the Godiva in your house?

When my sister and I were growing up things would break a lot in the house, messes would get made and somehow it was never us. Our parents called this the “ghost” – the IdidntdoitGhost did a lot of things.
In our house there isn’t a ghost, there isn’t anything mythical breaking things or making messes. While it may not always be her fault, whenever something happens in our house Godiva gets the blame. Hear that crashing noise – yup it probably Godiva. Who’s trapped in the closet – it has to be Godiva! She even eats all of our chocolate!

She has this amazing talent to do things even when we’re not at home (and she is) or in the car. Or she may cause the problem while she’s laying right on your lap.¬†As long as we keep giving her treats, cuddling and letting her lounge on us all day I think she’ll happily keep taking the blame. Even if she never caused the mess – although she does make several of her own!

So we all have one family member, or something we blame the issues on in the house – who is it in yours?


  1. In our house it’s our youngest cat ,Daisy, she is the trouble maker. I know when she is doing something wrong cause the dog barks at her and then comes running to let me know ; )


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