Which Watch to Wear When Traveling?

Which Watch to Wear When Traveling?

Back when the wristwatch was invented, it was used for one thing: to tell the time. Today, watches are part of fashion. They complement outfits and can even serve as a type of status symbol. When planning to purchase a watch, you have the choice between various types of watches: sports watches, classic watches, analogue watches, digital watches, automatic watches, and more.

Depending on which type of watch you pick, you´ll find a reliable gadget for your everyday life. If you travel a lot, you might be wondering whether there are specific watches that are more suitable for it than others. In this article, you´ll learn what to look for in a watch for traveling and also which specific models meet those requirements.

What to Look for When Buying a Watch for Traveling

Technically, you can wear any type of watch while you travel the world. But depending on the purpose of your travels, the types of activities you plan and the travel destination, it´s smart to do some research before buying a watch. 

Sturdy and endurable

If a watch is supposed to sit on your wrist day in, day out, it should be sturdy enough to brave the elements. That´s why your travel watch should be water-resistant. That way, you don´t need to worry, if you get in the rain, go on a boat or stay in a very humid area. It´s also a good idea to chose a watch with a wristband that is made out of stainless steel – just like the famous TAG Heuer Aquaracer, which happens to be one of the best travel watches.

Stainless steel is known to be sturdy, which is also important when it comes to the watchcase. Steel and sapphire glass are a great combination, because both materials are very scratch resistant. That´s why you won´t even have to worry about damaging your watch when going on a trip to the desert or if you spend a lot of time at the beach. These are the best beaches at Lake Michigan.

Understatement Above Eyecatchers 

You love luxury watches? There´s no reason not to wear your precious watch as you travel. Beware, though, that not all countries are as safe as home. Pocket picking and even robbery is common in many countries – at least in certain areas, towns or neighborhoods. Tourists, who obviously own a lot, are a welcome victim. That´s why you should make sure to mingle with the crowds by foregoing eyecatchers. 

Choose a watch that can easily be identified as a luxury watch by connoisseurs, but not by everyone. Steel watches are a great way of doing so, as steel per se isn´t a luxurious material. A potential thief would need to come really close in order to identify an expensive watch as what it is.

Easy Set-Up

As you travel the world, you´re likely to visit countries of different time zones. If you don´t adjust your watch to the new time zone, things can become confusing. Make sure to wear a watch that allows for easy or even quick set. Some watches have a smaller dial integrated in the watch dial, which allows you to set a second time zone. That way, you can always see what time it is at home, but also keep track of your current time zone.

These Are the Best Travel Watches

Above, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer has already been mentioned. It´s sturdy, doesn´t look ostentatious, but runs one of the best clockworks in the world. The Aquaracer really is a great travel companion. If you prefer sports watches, the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR could be a good choice. It´s sturdy and endurable, which makes it a great fit for adventurous travels, camping trips, long hikes or even dives.

You´re worried about the battery of your watch as you travel the backcountry of some hidden travel destination? The Citizen Men´s Eco-drive Pro master Diver Watch solves your problem, because it runs on solar energy.


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