Where You Can Find Rescue Smoothies from the All American TV Show

All American Set Visit

Finding sets for older shows can sometimes be a challenge – because they have been broken down and put into storage or reused. But for newer shows, sometimes the actual filming locations and sets can be just as much of a challenge. And finding locations for a show like All American that is just in it’s second season on CW, isn’t easy to do.

Rescue Smoothies in All American. Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers

All American follows the real life story of a football player Spencer from Crenshaw who finds himself playing on the high school football team in Beverly Hills. Because the show is based on events that actually happened and real life locations a lot of the filming locations are actual locations around Los Angeles, Burbank and of course Beverly Hills. But in that mix are sets and sound stages including several on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot.

There are, however, fictional locations and businesses that are used throughout the show. Included in these shooting locations is Rescue Smoothies, a super cute and high end smoothie shop that you will see the cast enjoying drinks and having deep discussions.

All American Set Visit

So just where is Rescue Smoothies? It’s actually right in the heart of the Warner Brothers Studio lot. The small cafe is fully set up including a functional kitchen. The set is decked out and ready for full service, and a full cast to fill the space at any time. Walking by the outside of the cafe, you would expect it to be full at any time and waiters taking orders. While Rescue Smoothies may not be an actual place you can get a drink at, it is some place you can go by and see if you do the Warner lot tours.

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