Where to Get Into the Christmas Spirit Even Before the Holidays

Santa Claus Museum Santa Claus, Indiana

We all know someone who just loves Christmas and the holiday season. And if we’re honest with ourselves, it may be us. But for most of us, it’s hard to find anything to get ourselves in the holiday mood early, or to be allowed to celebrate the holiday feeling whenever we want – and not just in the month of December.

Down in Southern Indiana is a small town named Santa Claus, and no matter what time of year it is you can not only visit Santa Claus but find places that can help you get a little taste of that holiday cheer you love so much.

Santa Claus is a small city, but offers an amusement park as well as plenty of other things for families to do for a weekend or if you’re just passing through. Looking for a bit of that holiday spirit? Here are some things to hit when you book your trip to Santa Claus.

Visit the Santa Claus Museum and Post Office!

Santa Claus is home of the original Santa Claus Post Office where letters from children from all over the world still arrive yearly. You can take a stop in to visit this post office, mail your own letter or see some of the ones that have been come in over the years. On the same property is also home to one of the oldest Santa Claus statues as well as a church and the Santa Claus museum. There is no charge to visit the post office but the museum does ask for donation if you choose to tour it.

A great find at the Santa Claus museum and a stocking stuffer idea is grabbing Santa Dollars! They aren’t the sale coupons stores offer, but actually dollar bills with Santa’s face on them! They are actual currency if you need to spend them, the Santa face can be removed – but as a keep sake they’re priceless.

Head into Santa’s Candy Castle

One thing we all love about the holidays is the sweet treat you can get only that time of year. Dreaming of those nostalgic candies you had as a kid or just a holiday flavor you miss? Step into Santa’s Candy Castle where all of your sweet dreams can come true.

Not only are the shelves stocked with candy flavors and ones that you haven’t seen in years, Santa’s Candy Castle has a room of just PEZ dispensers, a room filled with Jelly Bellys, fresh made fudge and sweets and a frozen hot chocolate they are known for.

Be sure to stop in for the perfect stocking stuffers and even ornaments for only a $1!

Check out Santa’s Toy Shop

Looking for the perfect toy for the holiday season? You know that Santa Claus has them! You can actually visit Santa’s Toy Shop in Santa Claus and find wooden toys, retro toys and ones that you never knew existed. In the main plaza of the area you wont want to miss stopping at this fun toy shop to find that just right present!

Get a Taste for the Holidays at Santa Claus’ Christmas Store

Decorations are a huge part of being ready for the holiday season – and there’s no place better to get them than Santa Claus’ Christmas Store! The store doesn’t seem to stop when you are looking for the perfect ornament or tree.

But the Christmas Store has something better than thousands of ornaments and trees from you to choose from – it’s where Santa Claus is hanging out! Check out his hours and plan your visit year round to make sure you’re on the good list for the holiday season.

Play and Dine at Frosty’s

Looking for a little fun and food after you’ve spent the day visiting Santa and learning more about the area? Why not hop into Frosty’s Fun Center? Part arcade and part dining experience you can get burgers and pizza and more in this fun spot right off the main road.

Besides being a fun place to visit, Frosty’s does offer a gluten free pizza option which makes it a great place for families with food concerns. Be sure to check out their menu online.


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