Where Exactly Is the Fuller House House?

Fuller House House location

After eight seasons of Full House and now the fifth season of Fuller House now airing on Netflix, the answer to the question – where is the Fuller House (or Full House) house actually is – should be easy to answer. Or at least, that’s what you would think. The opening shot in both series shows the Painted Ladies in San Francisco, and that’s where the show is supposed to be based in. But Fuller House, like it’s predecessor is not actually filmed in San Francisco – but instead, since it’s actually filmed in Los Angeles like so many of the other shows we watch and love.

Take a look inside the real Full House Home

Fuller House takes place in San Francisco and the historic Victorian home looks nothing like what the house actually looks like inside. But the set that we’ve been so used to seeing all along, is actually on a sound stage on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot. While you may not be able to go in and see the house, and the iconic couch and more if you go on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, you may actually pass the front of the house.

The exterior of the Fuller House House is just a facade of the house, and one that we really don’t remember seeing on the show often. But it matches the shots used in the intro in the show perfectly as well as the original home as well. But what you may not know from the sweeping shots on the show, the stairs are made of wood and only painted to look like brick.

And inside the house? At this point there is nothing. The interior shots of the show are filmed on a sound stage and use the original layout interior of the home from Full House in the 80’s and 90’s.

So on your next trip to San Francisco, be sure to head down to Alamo Square to get the iconic shot of the home. But if you’re looking for the set the actual location and house facade is nestled between other famous houses at Warner Brothers.


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