When Should You Post Spoilers Online?

When Should You Post Spoilers Online?

It’s often debated, and has been the end of friendships for years – But just when should you post a spoiler online?

We get it, you’re excited. You just experienced or witnessed something you want to share with your friends on social media. But publishing a spoiler too soon not only will upset people but will ruin their experiences. Take a step back, think of what you just experienced and ask yourself “would it have been as good if you knew it was coming?” That answer is most likely No, it would not have.

Last month, HBO Max released the reboot series And Just Like That, the Sex in the City reboot that picks up over ten years after the second movie even. We had seen some of the cast’s media appearances but not the show yet when a Facebook acquaintance posted a major spoiler. No, don’t worry, we won’t post it here. When confronted about it, she simply said “it’s only half a spoiler”. Still, with that nugget of information, I knew exactly what was coming and the moment it happened – was anti-climatic. I won’t go into other issues I have with the new series here, but that moment could have been impactful and now it was … just not.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, and since it wasn’t a show I was fully committed to yet – I didn’t take as harsh of action. In grad school, a friend posted on social media about Rita’s death in Dexter the moment it aired. Having late night classes, and limited time – I obviously wasn’t able to watch it the moment it came out. I was so mad with this fellow student that I removed them from my network. Yes, some spoilers are worth killing a potential job contact for! Also, sorry for anyone who this spoiled that moment for – but twelve years might be the right amount of time to hold that one back.

So what is the right amount of time, generally, to hold back a spoiler? In our not so humble opinion – as long as possible. We never know everyone’s schedule or availability to see a show check out the latest movie. Especially in these Covid days, not everything is going right to streaming and not everyone wants to head into a theater yet.

We keep a policy on our movie and show reviews to not reveal or spoil any major plot points. Part of the joy of movies and shows is the reaction of how they make us feel – and if that is taken away, what is the point? Yes, you may have enjoyed that moment and want to share it with others – but maybe ask them if they’ve seen it first. Don’t take that enjoyment away from them.

Be like River Song and don’t give away major spoilers to others – be a considerate movie and show watcher. But most of all, enjoy the show!

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