What’s Inside a Gluten Free 3 Day Prep Kit?

gluten free emergency prep kit

Do you have what you would need if the worst happens? We’ve always looked at the food prep kits available and considered getting some to keep on hand. The problem I’ve always had – food allergies! Most of the emergency prep kits you can order are of full of flour or other times that wont work for a limited diet. So what do you do?

We were actually sent a three day gluten free meal prep kit from Emergency Prep Club – a company that focuses on multi-day prep kits that are custom tailored for special diets. Inside each kit are enough to sustain you on a diet of 1800 calories a day and still stay nutritionally balanced and within your diet.

Their gluten-free emergency food kits, is available in 3-day, 7-day, and 14-day sizes. Kits include an assortment of prepackaged products from favorite brands including beef and turkey jerky, fruit strips, crackers, cheese snacks, nut bars, coffee, lemonade and more. All products are shelf stable, require no cooking, and are nutritionally balanced to provide energy when you need it most.

The gluten-free kits available now. Vegan, dairy-free and nut-free kits coming soon! Replace every 6 months to keep healthy options on hand if you need them! For more information visit Emergency Prep Club and check out what they’re offering to keep you stocked in case the worst happens.

We find it a little hard to not break into our Emergency Prep Kit but like having the option on hand in case we need it. And with a subscription, we can have more options on hand for longer time periods or for multiple people.


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