What You Need To Know About The Chevrolet Camaro Coming Out In 2020

What You Need To Know About The Chevrolet Camaro Coming Out In 2020

Chevrolet: Mixing Style With Substance

The Chevrolet is one of the few car brands in American history that has transcended the auto industry. It has been mentioned in songs, featured in countless films, and became the flagship brand for muscle cars in the USA. 

This was for good reason too. The Chevrolet offered a powerful and reliable vehicle that could get you around in style. Put short, even in it’s worse days, it’s far from your typical lemon. This impressive capacity was especially emphasized in their Camaro range. 

The Chevrolet Camaros act as the brand’s main models and offer the best the brand has to offer each year. Simply put, if Chevrolet is going to show off a new feature or design, it will be with the Camaro. 2020 has been no exception. 

The lagging sales and fall behind competitors like Dodge have forced Chevrolet to become more creative with their muscle cars, which made this year a great time to review their latest Camaro. 

Below, we outline the most impressive features brought to the 2020 Chevrolet models to see if they can reclaim their glory as that of the leading muscle car producers. 

What You Need To Know About The Chevrolet Camaro Coming Out In 2020

It’s spiced up its look

One of the biggest changes Chevrolet made with its Camaro, and the one that got the most headlines was in its new design choice. 

The newer model sported a more pronounced bar across its grille and a slicker divide and trim between the upper and lower grilles. This was a big improvement for the car after the choice to blend in the bar to make the grille appear larger last year was so poorly received by some

The slicker look is certainly an improvement and will ensure you’re not worried about how good your car looks cruising down the highway. 

It’s more affordable

Another big, and somewhat surprising change Chevrolet made was to make their Camaros more affordable. They now hover around the low-30,000 dollar range. This is a big step down from the 2019/2018 model price ranges of around the high-30,000s. 

This price cut makes a difference when you consider the list of changes and improvements the Camaro has undergone in only a year, listed above and below. This lower price point allows more people to get their hands on the muscle car and help position it as the dominant brand in the market, and the best value one too. 

It will be (partly) electric

Another big strife in progress that will impact the cars performance and fuel efficiency for the better. It also might seem like a surprising change for some too. Remember, the image that muscle cars have is as gas-guzzlers that are more built for power than the economy. 

But, Chevrolet has helped buck this trend with the inclusion of electric motors. This accompanies their gas-powered units with the 2020 model. This not only improves fuel economy but is one of the reasons for its superior acceleration capacity. It will also help improve braking and control at different speeds for a more responsive car overall. 

As an added bonus, the greater fuel economy provided by the electric motor also means you’ll spend less money on gas in the long-term. This helps give this car an even further boost in its value for customers.  

It will offer massive acceleration (and better control)

This version of the Chevrolet Camaro will also boost a 2-liter, the supercharged capacity to go with its V-8 engine. This means more speed and acceleration, touted to hit 0-60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds. This is breathtaking acceleration for a car at the above price range and makes one of the most affordable cars to have this capacity. 

Controlling a car with such speed and performance is much easier with the 2020 Camaro too, with a 10-speed automatic gear shift system. Alongside better handling with an improved steering system, this car brings a lot better performance at a much higher speed. 

Overall, Chevrolet is taking some big, and interesting, risks with their 2020 flagship model. With some luck, this may be the right combination of improvements needed to pick up sales again. This would put Chevrolet back where it wants to be, as the dominant muscle car brand in the USA. 


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