What is a Wubble Bubble Ball and Why are All the Kids Asking for It? #Christmascountdown

wubble review
Wubble Bubble Ball Review
What oh what is Wubble? And why do the kids want them? It’s a ball, it’s a bubble, you can kick it, throw it, poke it and play with it. It wont pop as easily as a bubble you blow from the solution, and it can provide hours of play each time you get it out! We were sent a Wubble Bubble Ball to test out, after-all it was just named Top Toy for the 2014 Holiday Season!
Wubble Bubble Ball ReviewSo the kids have seen the commercials, seen Wubbles on TV, or on magazines and probably have already started asking for one of their own. I even overheard a girl at the movies telling her mother she wanted a Wubble Bubble Ball for Christmas and her mother had no idea what it was! It’s pretty simple – it’s a giant bubble you can play with without it popping (easily that is).

When you order your Wubble or pick it up at the store, your first box will have the Wubble Bubble Ball, the pump to inflate it and all of the “tools” you will need. You will need four D cell batteries in order to make your Wubble inflate, and make sure they’re fresh! The first time I tried to inflate mine I had a Wubble failure because my batteries weren’t very fresh, and it didn’t get much larger than the size of a basketball.

Wubble Bubble Ball Review

Like a bubble, your Wubble can pop if you are too rough with it. However, you can just send your Wubble in and pay shipping and they will send a new one to you. Wubbles are fun inside and outside, but they can actually get dirty pretty easy. In our house, our Wubble picked up cat hair within a couple minutes. But once it’s deflated you can wash it off with a little warm water and soap and let it dry and it’s ready to go again.

After our initial Wubble failure, I ran out and picked up new batteries. This time the air pump was a lot louder and it worked quickly. In a couple minutes I had a fully inflated Wubble Bubble Ball, and a confused kitten staring at it. Despite it’s large size, it’s extremely light – it is just a large bubble after-all! It bounces easily on the floor and in the grass and rolls. You can kick it, punch it, poke it, play toss with it and it will bounce right off you if you toss it at someone.

I will say that when I took the Wubble out of the box the first thing I noticed was the texture of it. I have a weird thing about how things feel, and it’s a different texture, that’s for sure! But when it’s inflated that feeling went away. As fun as playing with the Wubble is, I actually really like that it deflates and can be put away quickly. You don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space in storage when you’re not playing with it.

Wubble Bubble Balls are available this year at Target, online and on Amazon. We were sent the blue one, but they also come in red, pink, orange, green and purple. You can get one starter kit with a pump with your first Wubble, and order other colors to have fun with multiple Wubbles at once!

“I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.”
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