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What have we learned?

It has been just over a month since I started the facebook page and really started this journey. We’ve just reached over 1000 fans on facebook and we have a big giveaway going on :). But the question is – what have we learned from this experience so far?
We’ve learned that couponing takes some time. We’ve also learned that couponing is an ever changing process. Since I’ve stared couponing last month at least two major stores have changed their couponing policies – mostly because of the increase of Extreme Couponing, whether because of TLC’s show or not, they wont specify – but we all know that it is. Couponing policies will be changing on the manufacturer’s stand point as well. Sites will no longer be able to sell coupons, newspapers may even be told to destroy extra inserts so there wont be any more dumpster diving for the real extreme..

I’ve personally learned that you need to make sure you are prepared before you go out – have that list ready, or you will end up spending more money than you want. Also that organization is a very very important part of this process. I’ve rearranged my binder 2-3 times, and I think I’ve finally found a process I’m happy with.

In the past couple months I’ve tried a ton of new products I wouldn’t have normally purchased and tried. That is the point from the companies at least.

What have you learned from couponing? Do you think it has changed the way you shop in general?

2 thoughts on “What have we learned?

  1. We are on a limited income so since I have started couponing (about two months ago) we have been able to buy things we would nomally buy (name brands) but couldn’t afford. We have also tried things we would have tired before. Some we will get again, with a coupon of course, and some we won’t. The biggest thing is that we are saving some money which is helping to pay for other necessities.

  2. I have been couponing for quite some time, not to an extreme (and I could simply because where I lived before had so many deals with coupons and sales it made it all but too easy to learn that art), but I have seen some really big changes because of that show.
    I take my list, and usually pass up Walgreens simply because no matter if you ask or not, they never EVER have anything in stock. Its came to be just not worth my time.
    Agreed, organization is key and can be time comsuming, so you learn to cut corners and I’ve even got my 4 year old sorting them as I clip, shes learning numbers etc., she spends time with me and I save money.. win-win 🙂

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