What ever happened to Customer Service?

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Maybe I’m just having a major case of the Mondays – for the past week. But in the past few days I’ve experienced several cases of bad customer service. In the past week I’ve had power outages, internet outages and server issues. It could be just me, or the way things have been going lately – I’m not sure sure. But I’ve noticed a complete lack of customer service lately.

This past weekend we went to our favorite quick-food place. You know – not drive through fast food, and not a sit down place. I was informed that the food I normally get, and have verified was safe for my allergy wasn’t safe anymore. Actually I believe I was informed it was never safe. We were over charged, the soda had no syrup the list went on and on. I had to settle for something I would never get, choose not to eat and it took forever to fix the issues they had. The workers didn’t seem to know what they were doing, how to relate to customers – the list goes on.

This of course followed directly behind our cable being turned off because we paid the bill – yes.. you read that right. When the company was asked to fix it, we were informed it may take 24 hours to fix their mistake. No apologies for their mix up, nothing.

And finally today – I went to a major grocery store. One I frequent, to pick up something that hasn’t been in stock. When I arrived to the section where it should be, it was still out of stock. I looked for an employee to assist me, where I was told to use the “help phone”. I stood there waiting for over five minutes while it rang in my ear, as countless employees walked by refusing to help. I finally hung up the phone and went to the opposite side of the store to the customer service desk (see what it’s called?). They finally found the employee who was suppose to be helping in the department and she began to belittle me. Told me she refused to help me, and refused to put in an order for the items.

This is where my case of the Monday’s kicked in. I turned on my heal said “this is ridiculous” and walked out. There was no reason for me to continue to waste my time. I drove home, hit a few stops on the way and looked up the number to call the manager.

After all of this, I start to wonder – where has customer service gone? I know when I worked in customer service for years if I ever talked to customers that way, or treated them that way I would have been in trouble, or worse fired. We’re still in a tough economy – is it ok to become so complacent in our jobs/lives to treat others that way? I know that in Detroit, jobs are still hard to come by – but these attitudes continue to soar.

I do want to add to this that I did contact the managers of the restaurant and the grocery store. Both handled the situations with me quickly and made them better, and are trying to repair the damage that was done. But all of these situations have left a sour taste in my mouth. I’m not saying the customer is always right – but should at least be treated with some respect.

So what do you think? Has there been a surge of poor customer service, or have people just become too comfortable with their situations? Have you noticed this too? Is customer service a thing of the past?


  1. I find this a lot, the last couple of years. I’ve been saying to the people who are rude….Do you like your job? If not I know some who would gladly take it! It doesn’t solve the rudeness but it makes me feel better. 🙂


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