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So the summer has been hot – really hot! We actually broke a heat record here in Detroit today. It’s been a bit rough to say the least. I think we finally broke done and put the air conditioning on, on Tuesday. Besides us, the small fuzzy animals in the house are enjoying the cool.
It may sound bad – but it took me almost all week to organize my binder and coupons. There weren’t a ton this week that I wanted to keep, so I only clipped those initially. Once we had a bit of a tolerable area in the house I did clip the rest, sort them and put them in coupon train packets or in prize packs.  But it wasn’t until today that I actually put them in my binder in the right place.

So what have I been doing? Working – a lot. Ever since my computer crashed (small update- I finally got the box to send her off to get repaired and shipped her today – 2 weeks i might have her back!) I’ve been working non-stop. It seems like I’ve been waking up at 6-7 am, and working all day, all afternoon, all evening and into the late night. I’m working towards getting a website finished so I can finish up with that client. I have a couple other small jobs here and there and potential small job that’s in my industry. It makes me laugh at times like these – who ever thought unemployment was so busy?

That is one misconception people have about unemployment – you don’t have work so you must have a ton of free time. There are days that yes, that is true. But most of the time it’s not even close. While on unemployment, between applying for jobs, you’re looking for jobs, catching up on those things you might have missed out on, cleaning the house, taking care of the lawn/cats/kids/dogs/weeds/trash etc. Just because you don’t have a 9-5 corporate job doesn’t mean you have nothing to do.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – Unemployment has been the busiest part of my life! Sometimes I am afraid that if I get a job, there wont be enough time for everything else.

I may take on too much some times – it’s just how I operate. I don’t think I can handle doing it any other way. This has become my life- I like balancing 100 balls, and running 2 businesses. This is it – I like working for myself, and I like controlling my own schedule.

So for as long as I can- I’m going to keep doing this. Hopefully in air conditioning.. I honestly fear my tires might melt from this heat!

Stay cool, stay safe and happy shopping out there! <3


  1. I know exactly what you mean….thank you for pointing that out and clarifying for people who tend not to understand that being unemployed doesn’t mean you are unemployed! 🙂


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